Five Favorites

Here are our Five Favorite posts. Well, OK, five per category and Viktor even cheated to squeeze a sixth one in, but you get the idea!

Jeannie’s Favorites:

  1. Return to the Scene of the Sublime
  2. Je ne regrette rien
  3. Entering the Lion’s Gate
  4. It’s Beauty and Rage
  5. I’ve come a long way, baby


Viktor’s Favorites:

  1. Found My Wife in Bed with Another Man…
  2. He Said: Love & Sex & Magick
  3. Learning the Ropes
  4. Anger Management
  5. Let’s Talk About Kink! (Part One and Part Two)


Reader Favorites:

  1. Resources for Sexy Research
  2. Podcast: Keeping It Together
  3. Reflections on Polyamorous Dating
  4. Compersion and Cupcakes
  5. Happy Polyversary: A Love Letter to Viktor