The Weekend

Unlike THE WEEKND this post keeps that extra “E” for Exciting, Enthusiastic, Energetic, and Erotic!

A lot of things have been on a slow build leading up to early December. The second weekend of the month proved itself to be the culmination of many of these builds, and several desires. This was the most energetic and exciting weekend in a long time. I’ve had plenty of wonderful weekends lately, but this one built up as if all the disparate activities were meant to come together at once.

Introducing: Leila

The keystone of the weekend in question was a play date planned with a new partner, Leila. I first met Leila over the summer and after a long chat near the end of a dance party, I found myself pretty smitten over her. She’s attractive, sex-positive, energetic, intelligent, and just super fun to hang out with. Even if she and I would only be friends I’d have been quite happy with that.

After a dinner together where we shared lots of our desires, we realized there was at least some mutual interest. Among other things, we shared an interest in kink and play parties, and Leila had the desire to be tied. So we agreed on a party to both attend separately, but with the intention to at least have to rope play between us. That night went fantastically well and we decided to make plans for a private play date in December.

The Weekend: Wednesday

It was a very busy week, but busy with lots of great things starting with a holiday social and dance party at House of Yes. I was there with Joyce who is sexy and fun in general, but especially on the dance floor. We had a fun, playful night, and met a bunch of other fun and playful people. We left on the early side because we both knew we had a lot of busy nights ahead. But, also, we were truly “full” of positive energy from the experience and it wasn’t going to get better. (Sometimes it’s important to know when you’ve gotten all that you came for!)

The Weekend: Thursday

I have a friend “A” who has a partner that lives out of town and he was in for a few days. “A” asked me if I’d take them to a kink party to help introduce them to these events. She wasn’t exactly new to the scene, but she was more kinkster in private and introducing her guy as well. We agreed to go to a party on a Thursday night that fit everyone’s calendar – and best of all, Leila was going, too.

Well, the universe had other plans and the party had to be moved to Friday and a new location – a day and time I could not attend as I had other plans. They still went, met up with Leila, and all had a great time! I was mildly disappointed, but also happy to have a night to recharge. And the energy from “A” and Leila would come back to me later, as you’ll see.

The Weekend: Friday

Not only is Friday when the weekend truly begins, but it’s when the energy of the weekend in question really got started. Gigi invited Jeannie and me to a rooftop pool party and it was just the event we all needed to kick things off. There were fun signature cocktails in honor of the birthdays of the two hosts, yummy snacks, and lots of sexy, friendly strangers to meet and mingle with. We eventually left for a more substantial dinner, but not before Gigi took a swim and we all met really fun folx.

The Weekend: Saturday Daytime

Saturday morning I got a message from “A” inviting me to drop by for coffee and to meet her guy. I agreed, but also set the expectation that I needed to get back to practice ropes before seeing Leila and “A” offered for me to tie her, which sounded really fun. Without getting into a long background story, I will say that “A” and I have a strong, energetic, and playful connection.

After talking through with “A” that tying her would be an intimate experience and making sure she was comfortable with the level of touch I intended, we got started. I had suspected and soon confirmed that she responds very strongly and positively to touch and contact. Her body was practically limp as we tied and I held her close, and practically had to hold her up. It was sensual, energetic, and really a wonderful session. I left feeling pretty high from the experience and was happy to take that energy and feeling into my date with Leila.

The Weekend: Saturday Night

The main event had arrived and Leila was at my place for the night. We had a casual dinner with great conversation, some of which was completing the negotiation of our planned scene together. We agreed that I’d give her a massage to ease into things, then rope play with lots of tactile, sensory toys and touch. While I was definitely the top in this scene, we discussed that we are both switchy and want to play with that in the future. She also said that she likes to tease, and edge, so sex was off the table partly as a way to keep me wanting more. I suggested that genital touch should be excluded as well for the same reason and she agreed.

The massage and rope play were really incredible – we just seemed to be on the same page which was rewarding to us both. I could feel the energy of Joyce, and the pool party, and the rope session with “A” coursing through me. I was also imagining Jeannie who was out with her BF for the night and all of this just fueled me so perfectly.

Somewhat explicit content ahead…

Eventually, we were both exhibiting more “horny” behaviors, but with the agreements about genital contact and sex, we were sort of stuck where we were. Then she said to me “do you want to touch me to see how wet you’ve made me?” While this seemed like a violation of our agreement, consent is fluid and can be mutually adjusted. I also saw this as a super playful opportunity, so I responded, “I do, but if I touch you like that I’m not going to stop.” After a little playful banter about this, we agreed to proceed. As I expected, I desired and was encouraged to continue touching her till I got her off. And it was lovely, to say the least.

This also left me feeling in a position of power because she gave into me while I did not necessarily give in to her. I only say this because, in our dynamic, this is part of the fun. I haven’t ever had a truly switchy partner, but playing with “who’s in control” seems like a lot of fun and it sure was on this date! We spent the night sleeping on and off blissfully and had a nice little morning play session before she departed.

The Weekend: Sunday

After Leila left, my power and control disappeared and I really wanted to get off. Jeannie was still two hours away, at best, but I decided the wait would be worth it. And, wow, was it! When Jeannie arrived we managed to keep our clothes on long enough to share stories of our date before the most powerful, energetic sex we’d had in a very long time. It was truly the culmination of The Weekend and precisely why I’m an advocate of our open relationship. There’s nothing better than experiencing pleasure with others, aside from then bringing that energy back to my primary partner.

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