House of Love: Glory Hole

This is the story of my latest exploits at a House of Love party and the story is explicit. Well, it’s not THAT explicit, but I like to give this warning so readers can decide to proceed or not. It’s a very sexy story, and it’s also a really fun one, too. Every House of Love party is a little different, and everyone experiences them a little differently. This time, it had more of a play party feel, and I embraced it. Read on for the details.

I arrived early with my (platonic) friend A – since I was working a consent shift, I had a +1 and Jeannie had other plans. A is a close friend and knows all about my lifestyle, but when I invited her I asked pointedly, “are you cool with the fact that you might see me doing something sexually explicit?” She said that was cool, and I had only really asked the question to be absolutely sure. I didn’t expect that I’d do anything outrageous, but maybe my subconscious knew better?!?

Part of the reason to arrive early is to get into the professional “photo booth” which is more like a temporary photo studio that pumps out amazingly professional photos. However, the price one pays for those photos is to wait patiently in a line that could take 30-60 minutes. Sadly, upon arrival, we learned that there was no photographer for this particular event.

With that out of the way, A and I explored to see what was happening around the event. There’s a smaller room in the back called the Onyx Room and it houses different activities each time – in the past, it has been a fetish room, a full dungeon, or a vintage porn viewing room.

Out on the main dance floor, we soon found my partner Leila who was there with some friends. She invited us to go with them to the Onyx Room which housed a cuddle puddle this time. When we were allowed to enter, I was a bit surprised at the scene in front of me. There was porn playing on a big screen, and while about half the room was a cuddle puddle, the other half consisted of couples in various sex acts. This didn’t bother me, but was a bit unexpected!

We found a nice corner for the six of us and got comfortable. Soon after, there were two couples on either side of us having sex. A seemed a little surprised and I later learned that she was surprised, but was also enjoying herself. I cuddled with Leila a bit and got to know her friends a bit as we relaxed into the evening. Leila then explained that there was a small side room with three glory holes and also made a not-so-subtle reference that her male friend, D, was bisexual, setting up the next activity.

Knowing that I have an oral fixation, Leila tells me how hot it would be to watch me share a glory hole with D. So we invite the crew to head for the glory hole room. In addition to the three glory holes, there were a few seats in the back where people could watch. So Leila and A sit back to watch as D puts his dick in the glory hole and I get down before him and begin to perform. I was really enjoying giving him a blowjob, and he was just the right size that I enjoy, so it was a fun and sexy experience. There was a woman next to me giving her guy a blowjob as well and we locked eyes a few times, sharing in the naughtiness of our exploits.

After the glory hole, I checked in with Leila (who thought it was super hot) and A (who was surprisingly enjoying all of this) just to be sure. As we continued our “less sexy and more dancey” escapades on the dance floor, I noted that A and D were hanging together for much of the time. The next day I checked in with A who, it turns out, made a date that next night with D, so they clearly hit it off! Checking in with A the following day, she tells me that she and D were making out and she kinda wanted to give him a blowjob, but as she thought about it, she kept seeing me in that act and it distracted her. I gave lame apology, but she responded that it was actually really hot and she just needed to process that scene before moving forward with him.

This was the first House of Love where I saw more than one sex act happening in a public space, and the first one where I did more than kiss or grind with a new partner, so it was quite unique. I really had fun at the event, and with the people I spent time with there. I only hope future events can be as much fun, even if not explicit.

Along with Jeannie, we have a group of five going to the March edition, so we’ll see how that goes. I predict it to be less explicit, but just as fun and playful, so I’m very much looking forward to yet another unique experience!

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My wife is the love of my life and my absolute soulmate. So why are we exploring polyamory and other sexual experiences that are often considered socially unacceptable? Read on to find out! Spoiler Alert: These things are AWESOME and have strengthened our marriage in ways you might not expect. Or believe.

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