2022: Intentions and Desires

As I mentioned this time last year, I’m not one for resolutions, and instead, I like to talk about annual “intentions and desires.” So let’s first revisit last year’s list and then talk about what I desire for 2022.

How’d I do with my 2021 list?

2021 Intentions

#1 – Be Intentional! I feel as though I did really well on this one. I spent a lot of time in 2021 being patient and intentional which truly created space to invite more good things. I’ve been more careful not to over-program myself, and I’ve kept up the reduced pace that the pandemic has forced upon us.

#2 – Friendly Flirtations. This has been an absolute success. Being flirtatious, and especially without a particular goal in mind, has been lots of fun. And in some cases, I have been rewarded with even more than I had hoped for.

#3 – Kink Explorations. I didn’t explore rope quite as much as I wanted, but I did get to a couple of kink-specific events. Granted, COVID interfered with possibilities, so I’ll say that I did pretty well on this one, all things considered.

2021 Desires

On this list, I basically completed none of my desires, but I also see that 2021 was a transition year and the desires I listed early in the year are not as desirable as the year wore on. I’m, going to chalk this up to learning more about myself and my desires – maybe I’ll do better in 2022.

Intentions for 2022

Be Intentional!

I’m keeping this one on the top of my list because being intentional really allowed me to have a tremendously successful 2021.

Embrace Uncertainty!

The only thing certain lately is uncertainty, so it’s high time we all embrace this. Ironically, I said this in January 2020, and then with the pandemic I was saying to myself “be careful what you wish for.” That said, if I can embrace the uncertainty it can become part of what I enjoy about living in our times.

Focus on Rope!

Where last year I said “Kink Explorations” this year I want to focus on the one kink I’m certain of – rope. I had a few encounters in 2021 that reminded me how much I love rope play, and how much I still have to learn.

Desires for 2022

I’m keeping much of this list the same with some added commentary because 2021 simply wasn’t the year to play these out. So maybe 2022 is?

  • One play partner and one FWB, whether they be the ones I have now or new onesd
  • Attend an event (probably music) with Jeannie where she flirts with a guy and eventually tells him that to get to her he has to make out with me first
  • Host am intimate Kinksgiving party in November
  • Find a bisexual couple for ongoing 4-way play
  • Travel for a play party retreat – preferably at a beach resort (again, if safe)

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