Jeannie & Viktor Who?

In 1987, Jeannie and Viktor met in high school when Jeannie was a senior and Viktor a junior. And while there was an immediate attraction, Viktor was in a steady relationship, so they simply became good friends. This friendship blossomed throughout their college years (where two of Viktor’s girlfriends said he’d marry Jeannie) and beyond. Nearly a decade later they finally embraced their love for one another and married in 1996.

While undoubtedly soulmates, there was always something missing sexually between them. They explored numerous “corrections” to no avail and only recently came to explore less common avenues to both satisfy what was missing and to bring them closer. You’ll need to read the posts to uncover “the rest of the story” which is only just beginning to unfold. But that story seems oft untold and because it has such love and beauty, it must be shared.

Read on and take this journey with Jeannie and Viktor, even if only vicariously…