Found My Wife in Bed with Another Man…

…so I got undressed and joined them! (Not how you usually expect that sentence to end, right?)

Perhaps I should back up a little bit…

It was Friday night and I had plans for an overnight rave, so Jeannie made a date with Ryan. We’d met Ryan originally at one of the erotic parties where he was tying up folks at the Shibari station. He returned in this starring role again at a second party where this time Jeannie got both tied and suspended by him. I guess the high of the ropes experience created an attraction to him. I’ll tell my version of the story in two parts: My Night and Our Morning below. And you can separately read Jeannie’s version.

My Night

I left for work on Friday morning with a change of clothes so I could head out for the night straight from work. This alone takes away some of the sexiness, but that wasn’t my goal, so it was fine. Jeannie, on the other hand, was able to take her time, luxuriate in a bath and dress sensually for the evening. Then again, she and Ryan were going to an erotic pool party, so Jeannie’s usual lingerie selections weren’t as relevant this time.

We texted a few sexy messages in the early evening and then headed off for our respective evenings. I was going out with three close friends in the music scene and meeting other friends at the venues later on. We first danced to a local DJ we know personally and wanted to support from 9:00 till midnight. I met the wife of one DJ and the girlfriend of the other, who in turn introduced us to other friends of theirs. They were mostly women, quite attractive, and I was getting really strong vibes from them. It really got me going in ways I didn’t expect for this particular evening.

House of Yes – where the biggest threat is often asphyxiation by glitter.

My “core four” plus another friend of ours then headed over to House of Yes for the rest of the night. House of Yes has become my very favorite venue and pretty much every night there is sexy on one level or another. Within 15-minutes of arrival I found myself dancing in a circle of a women out for their friend’s bachelorette party. One of them opened a jar of glitter and just started shaking it over all of us and soon I was covered in glitter (and was drinking it from my cocktail, too.)

Soon after those ladies departed I found myself dancing with three guys, one of which was particularly attractive to me. We got into each other pretty quickly and soon we were grinding and making out on the dance floor. My friends had left to get drinks and returned while I was mid-kiss with this guy. While they knew generally about my exploits, I think it was rather different for them to see this in action. I kinda liked the shock value of it all. (I guess I’m as much an exhibitionist as I am a voyeur!)

Costumes or creative attitudes required beyond this point.

The night continued, we danced endlessly, and the mood was very, very, sexy. One friend and I were invited to dance on the platform behind the DJ, past a sign that reads “costumes or creative attitudes required” and we were happy to oblige. While on the platform we watched one guy make his way slowly through the crowd and up to us saying, “You guys are the energy! Please tell them to let me up there with you!!!” This was a serious rush for me – I’m not usually “that guy.” And this was further reinforced as we left the platform and the guy I was kissing earlier saw me and said, “you are on FIRE tonight!”

We left a little bit after the 4 AM “last call” and got into our respective rides home. On the ride I was thinking about how I call myself pansexual, but I’ve been mostly heterosexual for all my life. I was with one guy in college for a little bit, fooled around with a second one at that time as well. But other than “glancing blows” during swaps or a few hot make out sessions (James still being the hottest!) I hadn’t really been with a man since I’ve been married. And I was also realizing that I’m actually not sure if I’m pansexual, or bisexual, or heteroflexible, or what. Because, until I have more experiences, all I’m feeling now are desires about fantasies rather than real experiences. Perhaps that first time I’d find a dick in my face I’d chicken out or actually be turned off.

Our Morning

Having had a pretty sexually charged night out and then thinking about sex with men on the ride home, I was pretty worked up when I arrived home an hour later. I figured that Jeannie had likely only gotten home in the last hour or two from her sexy evening. So I had high hopes that she’d be awake and wanting to play.

I open the front door to our apartment and immediately noticed a pair of men’s shoes, so I began to process that Jeannie had likely taken Ryan home after the party. I knew this was a possibility, but this was entirely new territory for us, and we hadn’t worked out any rules or plans beforehand. So I quietly scoped out the rest of the situation to find the guest room door closed, lights out, and quiet. I guessed that they were asleep. I wasn’t sure how to proceed, so I decided to take the dog for a walk and think about it. (In a future post I’ll unpack my thoughts during that walk as this is an entire story to itself.)

“Come in!” playfully says the naked man in bed with my wife.

When I returned from walking the dog, I heard voices from the guest room, so I decided to knock on the door. For a few seconds there was no answer and then I heard Ryan’s voice playfully say, “Come in!” (I later learned that Jeannie sort of froze and was entirely unsure what she wanted to say, or do, in that moment.) I entered the room to find Ryan and Jeannie naked in bed and under the blanket. (Not that I expected something different at this point.) Ryan moved to the far side gently coaxing Jeannie with him to make room for me to sit on the bed with them. We had some casual conversation about our evenings and then something happened.

Honestly, I don’t clearly recall what was said or implied, but at some point in the conversation it was clear that I was invited to join them more completely in the bed. I quickly stripped down to my underwear and got into bed to cuddle with them. In under a minute I realized the foolishness of having left my underwear on, took them off, and returned to the cuddling. So far, my actions were on point, but incredibly clumsy and, had there been footage to review, I’m sure I’d have found myself silly, even.

I still don’t know quite how I ended up naked in bed with them, but I’m glad I did.

But now, naked in bed with Jeannie in the middle and hands wandering across all three bodies, things just felt right and natural and sexy and hot. I was again reminded that there was no meaningful discussion beforehand about Ryan and me, but something just pulled me to both Jeannie and Ryan together in bed. And it didn’t take long to confirm that Ryan was pleased with my decision to join them.

So much happened over the next hour and a half or so, but most importantly was the absolutely uninhibited actions of all three of us. Ryan was an incredibly generous lover, taking actions to please both Jeannie and me, and also indicating that Jeannie and I should do whatever we please with each other and he’d enjoy watching. And, ultimately, playing as well.

Soon after we all began touching each other, Ryan went down and gave me a blowjob. He definitely had skills and there was an undoubtedly “male” feeling when I reached down to fondle his head as he was doing this. But there was nothing particularly male or female about his skills and I really liked that. It made me feel even more attracted to him since I wasn’t attracted to him because he was male, but because I liked him as a person and he was just generally hot. It made me feel a little better about calling myself pansexual – that the maleness or femaleness isn’t the point when the person is just fun and sexy!

Time to test my fantasies – do I really want to suck dick?

Then it was time to test my fantasies about giving a blowjob rather than receiving one. Although I’d touched at least four or five other dicks before, I’d only put one in my mouth. That dated back almost 30-years, and that dick was notably smaller, too. Ryan may be average or somewhat larger, I don’t have a great gauge here, but he most definitely was not small. So when I positioned myself to take his dick into my mouth, I was a little intimated about what to expect.

WARNING: Explicit writing ahead!

The moment I was faced with Ryan’s dick, I knew my fantasies were more than just that; and I knew I really wanted to do this. I eagerly wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock. I loved the feeling and absolutely wanted to continue. At the same time, I felt like I was immediately “stuck” and could get much more of him in my mouth. I thought I might just be a really terrible cocksucker and then had a silly epiphany – lubrication! I removed my lips from his dick, got a mouthful of saliva, and began licking him to get him nice and wet. When I went back to taking him into my mouth, I found the task a lot easier, and more pleasurable, too. Probably for both of us.

So here I was, sucking dick, and really enjoying it. No, that’s not really fair, I was doing more than enjoying it – I was getting off on it and I was very turned on. I decided to test my skills and began to take him deeper and deeper into my mouth. Turns out that if I’m careful, I seem to have decent control over my gag reflex and I was able to take him pretty deep, perhaps completely into my mouth. I’ll need to ask him next time if my perception is reality or not as I’ve found when I’m high on sex, I can be way off on perception versus reality. On the other hand, who cares? If we’re that high on sex, we’re doing something right!

Pleasing all partners

My first experience with a man in college included my girlfriend at the time. And the next day she complained that neither of us gave her any attention. I joked that she’d given me a new toy and I was too distracted by the newness. I didn’t want this to happen again so I made sure to continue giving Jeannie attention as well. At the same time, I just really loved touching Ryan all over and his body was electrifying. I’m just glad the feelings were shared by all three of us.


I could write an entire piece of erotic fiction about this encounter, except that it wouldn’t be fiction and that’s not the point of these blog posts. I just want to convey that every combination of Viktor, Jeannie, and Ryan was exceptionally sexy and I very much look forward to future dates with Ryan. Jeannie learned a lot about herself during this encounter as well – while she’s been very open to the idea of me being with men, she wasn’t sure that she’d find the actual act a turn-on.

Well, she did! And perhaps that’s because the love of her life hijacked the lover of her night – and we all got to share in such honest, uninhibited pleasure together. And that’s precisely why we’re enjoying our Pleasure Research so fully!

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My wife is the love of my life and my absolute soulmate. So why are we exploring polyamory and other sexual experiences that are often considered socially unacceptable? Read on to find out! Spoiler Alert: These things are AWESOME and have strengthened our marriage in ways you might not expect. Or believe.

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