Entering the Lion’s Gate

In early August, I had my first date with Lawrence, which I had been very much looking forward to since our initial connection on the dating app. We found a mutually convenient date and arranged to meet in his neighborhood. But, it wasn’t until I arrived at the restaurant and saw him coming down the stoop of the apartment building next door that I realized just how close to home it was. But, as I had joked with him earlier, I was happy to come to the East Village and thanked him for not living in Queens or Brooklyn 😊.

We immediately hit it off and jumped right into deep conversation, sharing stories and otherwise showing ourselves to one another. He also revealed that his birthday was the next day, which meant that he was astrologically a Leo. I had remembered that it was 8-8, the Lion’s Gate and noted the significance of this important date to him.

After dinner and drinks, Lawrence asked if I would come back to his apartment with him. I felt comfortable to say yes, but made it clear that there was to be no expectation of sex. He readily agreed and we headed next door. I admittedly thought that we would start by sitting on the couch, talking and then kissing, but almost immediately we were on his bed, kissing and beginning to disrobe.

I was thrown off kilter as this wasn’t what I had planned and I wasn’t sure what I did or didn’t want to happen. Yes, I had been intimate earlier in the day with Gary, but that didn’t mean that I was ready or interested in engaging so physically with someone I had just met, no matter how exciting and intense the chemistry was.

Lawrence could tell that I was hesitant to proceed and gave me the space to share with him what I was feeling. I explained what was going on in my head and my need to slow things down considerably. He happily consented and we mostly just talked, kissed and held each other, remaining in our respective panties and briefs.

About an hour or so later, things began to escalate again, but it was infused with mutual want. He asked me to touch his cock, which I happily obliged, becoming wet with desire. He naturally felt into my lust and began to explore my pussy, checking in that I was okay and comfortable with his intimate touch. I most definitely was. He then asked if I wanted him, which I very much did, as long as he had a condom. He quickly put one on and then eased himself into me.

We proceeded to have sex, changing positions and really connecting. It was incredibly orgasmic and it was obvious that we were both enjoying ourselves. I couldn’t believe how good it was, especially given that we had only met in person a few hours before. Eventually, I needed a break and also realized how late it had gotten and decided to head home.

As I got ready to leave, I poorly paraphrased the expression: Start as you mean to finish, in reference to the intensity and intimacy of our first date. Lawrence was unfamiliar with the phrase, but liked it as a harbinger of our budding friendship.

The next day, I noticed that a friend had posted an article about the Lion’s Gate on Facebook and shared it with him. And, it included this sentence: “Start as you mean to go on!”

The article also noted, “August 8th marks the peak of an influx of high-frequency energy, onto planet Earth…It’s a day that’s been revered for thousands of years – as far back as Mayan times, this cosmic gateway has been marked on calendars and celebrated with ceremonies and ritual…Since ancient times, the Star Sirius has been known as the “Spiritual Sun”. As the second brightest star in the sky (the first is our Sun) Sirius emits an energy that is hugely activating for us. Its light works to spur on the awakening process, it pushes us further into higher consciousness, and towards ascension.”

I headed home on a high, still feeling all of the endorphins of my encounters with both Gary and Lawrence, which I then shared with Viktor in beautiful, sensual detail until we were both sufficiently aroused to enjoy our own sexual liaison.

Most importantly, that night and in the week that followed, I felt the power and the rush of having truly trusted myself and only following my authentic pleasure and desire. After many years of putting myself in unsafe situations and not protecting myself/my pussy, I was, instead, able to rely on myself to keep me safe and to truly follow my desire! Perhaps I found myself standing at the Lion’s Gate, with a higher consciousness and ascension? Just maybe!

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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