Eyes Wide Open

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With an All Hallow’s Eve theme and mandate to don masks, the third erotic party I attended had a different feel to it from the very start. The hostess further suggested more formal attire than she had previously done, which imbued the event with an Eyes Wide Shut vibe. And, as an added dimension, she underscored the importance of being unmasked, revealing what lies beneath and exposing what is hidden from others.

Also, this was my first time attending this party with Viktor (I had attended the two previous ones without him — see Let’s Get this Party Started and Return to the Scene ) and with my friend, Dan. Their attendance added both excitement and anxiety as I considered their needs as well as my own.

After talking Dan off the figurative ledge a few times (his last text on his way to the party read, “Should be there 10:45. Don’t take it personally if I leave at 10:50,” and included a “scream” emoji), I left his actual experience up to fate. But, the day before the party, Viktor and I spent considerable time talking about our desires, expectations and plans for our joint attendance. To a certain extent, we wanted to be sure we went into the experience with eyes wide open.

We decided that we would clearly acknowledge our marital bond to those we met and that I would be less focused on finding someone, placing the evening’s emphasis on Viktor instead. Since I had participated in more adventures during the past six months than Viktor had, I knew that Viktor harbored a slight jealousy at that lack (not of the men I had dated) and was happy to step back this time. Further, while we had attended the House of Love party together during Labor Day weekend, he had left that party with mixed emotions about it. After we talked through those feelings, he not only felt much better, but also became clearer about his own desires and intentions for this event. In particular, he wanted to find someone to kiss during the evening (and asked for my assistance as wing woman to make that happen) and he also hoped to find a woman who might be interested in a sexual liaison with the two of us.

On party night, I took the theme to heart, carefully layering a black body suit, with a suspender harness under my chiffon, bead-embellished gown, along with fishnet stockings, 5” heels and an intricate black mask. I was unsure how much I would reveal during the night and enjoyed the idea of being more covered up than I had at the previous events. I also liked knowing that while I looked good in my dress, I held a sexy secret underneath.

Upon arrival at the venue, I introduced Viktor to the hosts and was then promptly greeted by Hank (more warmly than expected). The two finally met, which was less awkward that I had supposed, but after the last miscommunication with Hank, I was less interested in interacting with him. Viktor and I headed out into the backyard and soon found Dan, sitting by the fire pit, along with some other friends of ours.

As we stood outside chatting, the autumn air was crisp, with a slight chill, but the space was buzzing with anticipation as the guests eagerly awaited the opening ritual. At the appointed moment, an amazing ballet burlesque performer kicked off the celebration, which was followed by an intimate pussy worship ceremony and concluded with a sex magic spell. We were then released to play.

Soon after our arrival, Viktor met Marni with whom he really clicked. At first, I felt a little wary of the attention he was giving to her, but as I examined those feelings, I realized that it wasn’t jealousy per se, but rather, an unwillingness to share my toys; however, once I saw how happy Viktor was in spending time with her, I felt really good about it. As Dan noted correctly (so obviously pleased with himself to have a perfect occasion on which to use the term): compersion. Any negativity or insecurity melted away and I was simply free to enjoy the experience.

Once again, the erotic party provided an opportunity to explore a variety of sensual experiences including erotic massage, flogging and shibari bondage rope. I briefly considered getting tied up as an interesting comparison to the shibari experience that Viktor had gifted to me for my birthday, but decided that I was really more interested in impact play.

After we introduced ourselves, the resident flogger, K, gave me a general introduction to flogging as well as an overview of what to expect during the session. I was very impressed with his professionalism in addition to his DIY skills (he had made many of the floggers himself, with a combination of household items, including a Swiffer handle). After the “orientation,” I slipped off my dress and mask, revealing my lingerie, which K admired appreciatively. I straddled the flogging bench and waited for the first stroke of the flogger.

While I don’t think that I had a sexual response to the flogging, I did enjoy the experience, as K demonstrated the differences in intensity and sensation with each flogger type; some of the hits were more gentle as they landed on my exposed ass, while others were more intense in their sting. Afterward, the residual heat and pain lingered in an exquisite way. I am definitely interested in exploring this more in the future.

Prior to the flogging session, I had been observing the sensual play area with Dan, enjoying the scenes and enjoying Dan’s company. He asked my permission to kiss me and I eagerly consented. Awhile later, Dan expressed an interest in leaving soon, but was quickly dissuaded in favor of watching my flogging session. It was fun knowing that, in observing my pleasure, he was a part of the experience with me. Near the end of the session, Viktor arrived with Marni, catching a glimpse of the final swats before I got up from the bench and adding to my delight that he had also been a witness.

At that point, Dan was full from the experience and I kissed him goodbye as he headed home. I then went back outside, where I reconnected with Tim, who I had met at the previous two parties. Afterward, I joined Viktor and Marni at the fire pit, enjoying their joint company. We huddled together on the couch, under a fur blanket, soaking up the remaining energy of the night.

In the final hour of the party, Marni decided that she wanted to experience flogging, too, so the three of us returned inside, as Viktor and I sat together watching Marni’s session. Feeling both satiated and sleepy, Viktor requested a car to take us home, as he exchanged phone numbers with Marni, in anticipation of a future date for the three of us. He had manifested all of his desires!

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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