Masquerade: What Lies Beneath?

This one is long, but worth it!


After Jeannie had previously attended two very enjoyable erotic parties, I still had yet to attend one. Finally in November, we were booked to attend together and I was very excited for this new chapter in our exploration. Being the Saturday after Halloween the theme was “masquerade” with the suggested attire as “fetish, fancy costumes, or masks” giving a very Eyes Wide Shut vibe to the event. Here’s part of the invitation to give you a taste – and to get you in the mood for the rest of this story…

Tonight we are entering a realm of mystery and seduction. A masked ball. So our ritual is about “What lies beneath”. Beneath the mask, beneath the costumes, beneath the facade we wear everyday. What do we want to take off? What do we want to reveal? And at the same time – what do we want to attract? A room of beautiful, interesting people, the music, flirtation, dancing, intrigue: what can we as a group whip up, what juicy sexy magic can we spin from thin air?

This type of invitation is just spectacular and it really sets the mood well before ever getting to the party. So much to unpack, in the best possible way! But, before we get to the party, let’s set the stage for Jeannie and Viktor.

What is your intention? What are your desires?

I previously posted about the House of Love party we had attended. And in that post and this one, I spoke about “pleasure research” and many of my observations and conclusions. Before the House of Love party, Jeannie asked me to set my intentions and identify my desires. I honestly couldn’t do it! I have no idea why, but all I could muster was “I desire to engage with lots of people at the party and enjoy all the sensual pleasures that I can.” Well, that’s fine and good, but it isn’t at all specific. And how can the universe guide me to a destination if I cannot identify the destination? Sure enough, that night was a bit random, unfocused, and, ultimately, somewhat unfulfilling.

Meanwhile, Jeannie had been dating a bit and I’d, thus far, not found success where I was looking. (More on that in another post.) So leading up to this new party, Jeannie gave me lots of lead time and kept reminding me, “set your intentions and very specific desires.” The week leading up to the party was kind of a rough one and when Friday night arrived (the night before the party) I honestly wasn’t even sure I’d be in the mood for the party; I really wanted to curl up under a blanket and sleep for a couple of days.

Jeannie simply created a safe space for me to open up and be vulnerable. And it was magical!

That evening, we cooked dinner, opened some wine, and sat at the dining room table talking over my week, the weekend ahead, and, eventually, our intentions for the weekend. Jeannie really held space for me, and let me talk through my feelings and my needs. It was kind of simple, but something married couples probably don’t do often enough. She wasn’t trying to help me, or even make me feel better. She just allowed me to work through things.

As I came into a better headspace and we’d been at the table for well over an hour, we got back to the party. Finally, I said something along these lines:

Dating has gone well for you, but not so much for me. I’m a bit fragile about this, wondering if I have what it takes. So I’m going to be selfish right now, and want you to support me at this party. I want to go as a couple, and for you to focus on being my wingwoman, so I can find someone to play with.

Jeannie could have easily responded, “you’re right, that’s selfish!” Instead, without any hesitation, said that she would love to do this for me. I don’t think I told her how much of a rush it was when she said that! I don’t usually ask others to give me attention; I’m happy to get the attention, but I generally feel that it’s my job to earn it. This was different. It was very powerful!

We discussed further and ultimately set our desires as follows:

We desire for Viktor to find a lovely woman to play with at the party, and would be especially pleased if that woman had an interest in playing with Jeannie as well.

I was also very specific that I wanted to make out with this woman at the party. Anything else would be icing on the cake, but the energy and attention of a good make out session would do wonders for me. We completed all of this with Jeannie saying, as she often does:

So shall it be, or even better!

Well, spoiler alert: It was, and it was even better!

Party Prep & Arrival

Jeannie and I allocated lots of time to get ourselves ready and into the mood of the evening. She wore a smoking hot combination of lingerie that included thigh high fishnets, a bodysuit, and a suspender harness, along with a intricately styled mask. I wore all black: slacks, dress shirt, batwing bowtie, and colorful cufflinks to break up the black a little. My mask was colored as if weathered bronze and included two skulls (it ultimately received lots of compliments.) Before Jeannie put on a nice dress to cover “what lies beneath” it was all I could do to not strip her down and spend the night in our own bed having sex instead of attending the party. But I endured!

While we arrived at the party a little later than our plan, it was approaching 11pm and the erotic ritual that opens that party wouldn’t begin until at least that time, so we were OK. As we were checking in with the host, there was a lovely woman in a sexy pirate costume and exquisite mask checking in ahead of us. I overheard that this was her first party even after being on the mailing list for years because she never got up the nerve to attend – and because she was out of the country for the last three years. Having finally just returned to NYC, she knew that she needed to finally come to one of the parties.

After checking in we made our way to the outdoor area near the fire pit where we found a couple and a single friend of ours and we all began to talk. As the conversation continued, I noticed that the woman checking in ahead of us was nearby and just looking over the space. I introduced myself and asked where she’d been for the last few years as I heard when she was with the host. She introduced herself as Marni and said she had been in California and India, but she was happy to be back in NYC. We engaged in casual conversation and I soon introduced her to Jeannie and our friends. Soon after that, the host came around to invite us all inside for the erotic ritual.

Erotic Ritual

We were told to sit anywhere in the space except for the round bed (of course there’s a round bed at an erotic party) and we selected one of the regular beds across from the round one assuming that would be center stage for the ritual. I sat between Jeannie and Marni and I was already energized by where this was going (even though it had gone nowhere, yet.) The hostess came around with some long stemmed red roses and selected some of us to participate in the ritual. I was given a rose and told,

During the ritual there will be women naked from the waist down. Are you willing to use this rose as you will be instructed to help worship the beautiful pussy before you?

“Absolutely,” was my reply. Soon the lights were dimmed, luxurious music began to play, and three sexy women emerged, walking and swaying erotically to the music. They danced for us for a while, really setting the mood. All eyes were on these women, and hands were beginning to wander between those watching. I was already touching Jeannie gently and I leaned over to Monkia and asked, “Can I caress you?” She gave consent and I began to gently caress her as well.

Eventually the three dancers had removed all their clothing and were laying on the round bed on their backs. The hostess then called for those of us with the red roses:

If you have a rose, please get up and proceed to worship the goddesses before you. Gently caress them with the rose petals, and lean in to whisper in their ear. Whisper a single adjective that describes their pussy.

One of the three women particularly caught my eye, and she was the furthest from reach, so I knew she would get the least attention. I worked my way over to her, caressing the others on my way. I then drew the rose from her toes, slowly up her leg, over her inner thigh, and to her pussy. After a few slow circles over her pussy, I continued up her body and onto her breasts doing a few figure eights before glancing her nipples, and finally over her neck. I then leaned in and whispered, “power.” She purred lightly and I was on fire. Actually, I’m sure we were both on fire! (A follow up post will explain my word choice.)

The Party

I was in a blissful fog and really don’t remember the details after the completion of the ritual, but I soon found myself on the couch around the fire pit with Marni as well as several others. I had left Jeannie behind and would have otherwise felt guilty, but I was acting very much within the desires that we set for the evening. Marni and I talked about a lot of different things, and ultimately moved into the party and her intentions. Among other things she told me how she was talking to a friend a few nights earlier, trying to get up the nerve to attend this party, and the friend pretty much settled it for her. Her friend said,

We’ve had this conversation over and over for years! Clearly you want to attend and you just need the courage. Considering all the things you’ve told me you’d like to explore, and how you are bi-curious, why wouldn’t you attend this? It’s the perfect environment!

I took the bi-curious comment as an opportunity to tell her the desires that Jeannie and I set for the evening and then asked Marni if she’d be interested in considering Jeannie as well? She said yes. She then said that before I should consider sharing her with Jeannie, “wasn’t there a more specific part of that desire that was, as yet, unfulfilled?” I said, “yes, there is.” And she said,

Then kiss me!

And so I did. And we spent the next 15 minutes or so kissing and petting. Aside from it being a little clumsy to kiss wearing masks, it was blissful. There was a slight bit of erotic urgency in our kisses, but it was way more tender than forced. We were luxuriating in each other and in this new experience. Soon our hands were wandering all over each other’s bodies. Conversation was a little awkward just after the kissing and petting, but we both seemed to have enjoyed ourselves. And now we were ready to see what else we could explore.


Marni said that she wanted to be tied so we proceeded to the Shibari ropes station where someone’s rope session was in progress. Close by was the flogging station and I saw our friend watching the flogging. He and I talked briefly before I realized that the person being flogged was Jeannie. So Marni and I sat on an empty massage table nearby to enjoy Jeannie being flogged and anonymous woman being tied as she waited her turn. Jeannie’s flogging was soon over and she came over to Marni and I, clearly in a state of bliss. With ropes, this is referred to as “rope drunk” but I’m not sure of “flog drunk” really captures it the same way. She asked me to grab her ass and it was flaming hot! She wondered out loud how it would look and feel the next day. (Answer: totally fine.)

When the Shibari station was available, I escorted Marni over and the ropes artist took her hand and guided her. They consulted for a few minutes, during which he was explaining what he’d be doing and obtaining her permission for the various actions and touches he’d perform. Marni proceeded to strip to her bra and panties, and the tying began. She was tied in a diamond chest harness which didn’t bind her arms and is more aesthetic, allowing the subject to acclimate to the feeling of being bound. It includes an intricate diamond knot between her breasts, giving the pattern its name.

As he tied her chest he asked if he could remove her bra and she agreed. I was watching with bated breath as he exposed her breasts. Then he tied her in ways that I could do as well, so my imagination running wild with ideas. He looked at me and said,

Aren’t you going to come play with her?

I approached this beautifully naked woman (other than panties, rope, and a mask) and asked if I could touch her exposed body. There was a pause and I thought for a moment I’d found her “line” where we weren’t going to cross. But then she let out a small gasp and said,

Sorry, had to catch my breath. Yes, please touch me!

I first gently caressed her cheeks, neck, and shoulder, before proceeding to massage her neck and shoulders with some force. Standing behind her, I pressed my body into hers as my hands explored down her chest and over her bound breasts. She sighed as a lightly touched a nipple and then I move one hand behind her to tug on the harness. This took her by surprise (as intended) and she tensed for a moment, and then sighed again as she let that tension fall away. I then moved in front of her and knelt before her to kiss her stomach and make my way up to suck on her nipple.

The ropes artist issued gentle encouragement and said that this was such a hot scene, especially with the masks. He then asked if he could take an photo to post anonymously on Instagram and we both consented. He got a perfect one with filtered lighting, my lips on one nipple and a hand over the other, so he didn’t even need to censor anything before posting.

He slowly untied Marni and after she got dressed, I held her for a while as she came down from the experience. She wasn’t as “rope drunk” as others I’d seen, but she did say she really enjoyed it.

It was at this time that I first noticed that all the beds had a number of different people on them, all having sex. I was then reminded that Jeannie felt there were two audiences that attend this party: the swingers that come to find partners to fuck, and the kinksters that come to explore more sensual acts and fetishes. We’re squarely in the latter group. While I’m sure I’d enjoy a good fuck at the party, the idea of performing for an audience isn’t my thing. I’m the voyeur, remember?

I forget when, but some time after this, Jeannie reconnected with us and the three of us found a cozy corner on the couch by the fire. It was a quiet period with less conversation and mostly just snuggling up to one another with me in between these two beauties. My imagination was, of course, running wild with what the three of us would do together, but we didn’t actually explore this at all during the party. Despite spending the last hour or so together, there was no more intimate kissing or petting.

It was eventually too cold to sit outside, so we went inside and Marni expressed her desire to be flogged. We all talked a bit as we waited for the flogger and eventually Marni was down to bra and panties again, and now, for the first time, she had removed her mask. At this point I felt guilty, so I removed mine as well. We were the last two holdouts with the masks, but, damn, I found it really hot keeping them on!

As Marni was being flogged, Jeannie and I sat on the massage table taking in the various sex scenes on the beds around us. While I enjoyed watching several of the couples, it wasn’t as much of a turn on as I expected. But then, two women, fully clothed, had joined us on the massage table and then were really into each other. Without ever removing a stitch of clothing, they got each other off several times during the 15-minutes or so that Marni was being flogged. Their passion and urgency was way more of a turn on than the totally naked sex scenes on the beds. And between all of those scenes, and Marni getting flogged, and Jeannie in my arms, it was a very heady scene.

For the three of us, the evening pretty much ended after Marni’s flogging. Marni and I exchanged numbers and then we got our Lyft rides home. On the way, Jeannie and I shared all the details with each other and the night really did go precisely as we had wanted! We’d love to connect with Marni outside the party, but even if we don’t, it was a really perfect party.


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My wife is the love of my life and my absolute soulmate. So why are we exploring polyamory and other sexual experiences that are often considered socially unacceptable? Read on to find out! Spoiler Alert: These things are AWESOME and have strengthened our marriage in ways you might not expect. Or believe.

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