All Tied Up … a busy birthday weekend!

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My birthday is very important to me and I consider it to be my favorite holiday. Given its importance, Viktor knows how much I appreciate his attention to planning something special. This year, we decided to use rewards points to splurge on a stay at an upscale hotel. I booked the room for the Saturday night after my birthday, but, beyond that, I left the planning up to Viktor.

We are generally very open with one another and don’t keep secrets, so if one of us wants to plan anything clandestine, we have to be explicit in this intent. For example, on any given day, we receive a variety of packages from Amazon. Most of them are boring: dog food, undershirts, laundry detergent, etc. Given the mundane nature of such parcels, I usually open them upon receipt. However, when Viktor is up to something, he advises me not to open any packages, and I am happy to oblige.

In the month or so leading up to my birthday, he gave me this warning, so I merely stacked any boxes addressed to him on the kitchen counter and left them for him to open. Unfortunately, one of the packages arrived damaged, so I accidentally saw that there was rope inside. I placed the package with the others, left it for Viktor and tried to ignore this information I wasn’t supposed to have.

For the most part, I did forget about it as I went on with daily life, etc. But, obviously, I did have some suspicion that bondage would play a part of our weekend celebration. I had no complaints about such an option and again, tried not to think too much about what Viktor had planned to maintain his surprise.

In the days right before, Viktor gave me a little more information as to our timing for Saturday morning and some insight as to how to prepare. More specifically, he asked me to provide him with various clothing and lingerie, based on distinct criteria he provided. I left these garments on the guest bed for him to pack.

On Saturday morning, we had a lovely breakfast (ordered in from the local diner) and then dressed to go downtown for Part I of the surprise. We had our dog in her carrier, which surprised me because I thought we had previously discussed that she was going to the boarding facility later in the day. Anyway, we got on the subway, departed the train in the West Village and, being early, stopped for a cup of coffee in a pretty pocket park. Once we had finished our coffees, Viktor revealed the surprise: we were taking our dog to a fun, dog-centered pop-up event. OK, not super sexy, but it was super fun and, a great start to our weekend!

Then we went back uptown, dropped off the dog and Viktor advised me that I had several hours to relax before he would call me. He then took the suitcase and headed to the hotel.

Around 4:30, as promised, Viktor called to confirm that I should now depart from our apartment. I requested a car service and was soon on my way to the hotel, quickly writing out my desires on my phone, in anticipation of a wonderful weekend.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I got a key (required for the elevator) from the front desk and then went up to the room, knocking on the door as Viktor had instructed me to do. As he opened the door, Viktor greeted me and ushered me into the hallway of our suite. He asked me to change into my robe before he gave me a tour of the room, delaying the reveal a little longer.

Once I was suitably attired, Viktor led me to the bedroom on which he had placed my lingerie, a blindfold, two red roses and several hanks of the golden-colored ropes I had glimpsed in the torn package. OK, so I had been right that they had been part of his plans, but what I wasn’t prepared for was Viktor’s admission that he had been secretly taking Shibari ropes classes with our friend Gigi for the past 6-plus weeks. What? Wow! While he advised that he was not ready for suspension work (as I nervously and jokingly glanced at the chandelier), I was impressed with his dedication to the craft and eagerly awaited to see what would happen next. At this point, Viktor encouraged me to change into the designated lingerie set and then preceded to tie me up.

He slowly encircled me with the scratchy cords, stopping to loop them over one another, twist them together and otherwise secure my torso within a rope cocoon. Satisfied with his work on top, Viktor shifted his attention and threaded new ropes over my thighs, through my legs, and around my waist, weaving them into an intricate basket design. I liked the pressure of the knotted cords as they bound me tightly, but the rough texture of the jute (while apparently more traditional) was less preferred; I am a velvet and silk kind of girl.

Once the rope harness was complete, Viktor brought me to the bed and began to kiss me. Then, he started to touch and tease me sensually. Becoming more aroused with each touch, I eventually managed to remove my bra and panties without un-tying his work and we had delicious sex.

Later on, we ordered in room service, donning the hotel’s fluffy robes and enjoying not having to get dressed and go out. Between the Cava we had before the ropes and the bottle of wine with our meal, along with the excitement of the earlier part of the evening, we went to bed soon after dinner, luxuriating in the expensive linens and duvet.

However, we were both awake at dawn and took advantage of the opportunity to tease and turn on each other again, incorporating breath work I had learned recently, to heighten our orgasms. It was a lovely and leisurely morning and a wonderful way to prolong our celebration before we had to return to the outside world. It had definitely been a very Happy Birthday!

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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