Friday Night Lights (& Fights)

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The Friday after my date with Jon, I met up with Jay who I had also met on the app. Jay suggested that we meet at one of his favorite Italian restaurants, which turned out to be a cute, neighborhood place with good food and great service.

Jay had arrived ahead of me (I so appreciated his punctuality) and after a few minutes of confusion, we found each other and he greeted me with warmth and enthusiasm. He had gotten himself a ginger-infused cocktail and advised me that the restaurant grated its own ginger. He offered me a taste of his and after the one sip I was sold. We were then whisked away to our table and immediately tumbled into various conversations. In fact, we got so engrossed in conversation that we had to force ourselves to take a break and look at the menu before the waiter returned yet another time to try and take our order.

Once our orders had been placed, we renewed our discussions, flowing fluidly from one topic to another, finding synergies in our current lives and relationships and otherwise connecting to one another. We also shared stories about our past experiences and adventures as they pertained to our own sexual journeys. It was a very enjoyable evening.

After dinner, Jay offered to hail us a taxi and drop me off at my apartment on his way home (he lives in the neighborhood adjacent to ours) and we continued talking as we walked out into the street, but now started kissing as well. The kisses persisted throughout the cab ride and were very welcome. I was definitely glad that I had met him.

Before the date, I had told Viktor that I planned to come home relatively early (anticipating being home by 9:30 from my 7:00 PM date) and fuck him. Unfortunately, I lost track of time and came home much later than I had promised. In fact, I had never thought to check the time and didn’t know it was just a few minutes before midnight until I walked in the door to Viktor’s (understandable and justified) anger.

I owned up to my poor judgement and sincerely apologized to him. I realized that I hadn’t treated him with the respect he deserved and I felt really terrible about hurting him. Thanks to our willingness to really communicate, we had a very reasonable discussion about his hurt feelings and he truly heard my apology. We were able to really listen to each other without raising voices or exacerbating the situation. And, we both also realized that my mistake was unrelated to me having been out on a date and could have happened if I was out with friends.

Somewhat seriously, somewhat in jest, Viktor demanded that I make it up to him by undressing him and having the sex I promised. He made it clear that I had to do all the work and also noted that he didn’t want me to simply apply some lube and make it a quickie. I was in agreement with my “punishment” and slowly untied his pajama bottoms with my mouth and then gently tugged them down and off. I removed my bra and panties and straddled him, sliding his shaft up and down along my clit, beginning to get aroused and wet. Viktor next requested a blow job and I readily complied, doing my best to over-deliver on his expectations and presumably did since he was quite hard and dripping when I returned to straddling him.

After a few minutes, I took him inside me and experienced intense orgasmic sensations, which pleasantly surprised me since there had been relatively minimal foreplay. Eventually, Viktor climaxed, but, while it had felt really good to me, I still wanted to have an orgasm, since I hadn’t really finished during intercourse.

I used my vibrator to satisfaction, culminating in an intense orgasm and then got up. A moment later, I started squirting (for the first time). Unfortunately, it coincided with a heavy menstrual cycle (which had seemed to have ceased when I had taken off my panties prior to sex) and suddenly there was blood squirting everywhere – on me, on the floor, on the fitted sheet and eventually on the mattress pad and mattress.

It was both glorious and gross all at once. And, the beauty was that instead of getting upset, Viktor simply called for me to grab a towel so we could jointly begin cleaning everything up as quickly as possible. He made sure not to shame me or make me feel badly about the blood or mess and was really adamant about me reveling in the positive
experience of squirting despite the negative consequences that resulted.

After we had cleaned up, changed the sheets and gotten into bed, I shared my gratitude with him, reminded all over again how much I love him.

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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