He Said: Love, Lips, Lust

(Another long post, another terrific story!)

Over the last 2-3 months it feels like we’ve been hibernating. Expansion and contraction are natural and this was clearly a needed period of contraction and reflection. But during that time, this didn’t seem obvious and I was wondering if the “magic” of our sexual explorations had worn off.

Not only has the magic returned, it is more powerful than ever.

Let me start with a short “catch up” to set the scene…

  1. After some fun events in late fall, Jeannie and I both seemed to shut down a bit – a result of a number of factors.
  2. There were some fantastic intimate encounters between us in this period. And while they were very powerful, they felt isolated and disconnected from our path.
  3. Winter, while overall mild so far, had a few really brutal spells which may have forced the hibernation feeling.
  4. Travel and a brutal cold (for Jeannie) were also disruptive.
  5. We didn’t have a lot of leads on outside partners, either – and no great parties to attend where we might meet some.

Yet as January was winding down, I was trying to tap back into our journey. After generally bad experiences with all the typical dating apps, I found the Feeld app which is aimed at a less traditional audience. There are more than a dozen gender identifications, same for sexuality; Couples can have independent, but linked profiles, so threesomes and foursomes can connect openly. I was having modest success on the app when Jeannie began actively using it and she was immediately rewarded. In addition to finding a few men of interest to her, she found two couples that were very interesting. She’s meeting one of them next week.

The other couple was a bit of a lark – their photos didn’t tell her much, but something in their profile attracted Jeannie and they matched. In an attempt to meet up, they suggested that they were coming to Brooklyn for a late party on Saturday and maybe we could meet for a drink before that. Jeannie said we were doing the same and, lo and behold, we were going to the same Serafina’s World party! (This one titled Love, Lips, Lust). So we agreed to simply meet up there.

We desired to experience this party as a couple and meet others that satisfied our individual pleasures.

Jeannie and I set our intentions for this event and, unlike last time when I wanted solo attention, this time our desire was to engage in the evening as a couple. We set a few other intentions that became the backdrop of our evening, but the “being a couple” was definitely the focus. Not only did we get our desire, but we got, oh so much more!

We weren’t there long when Jason and Betty (the couple Jeannie matched with on Feeld) showed up. We introduced ourselves and, sparkling wine in hand, hung around while chatting and just getting to know each other. The four of us had a very clear, and very strong, connection. I was very energized by this. They are a very sexy, energetic, and fun couple; my attraction to Betty was immediate and powerful. I had high hopes, but also didn’t want to get ahead of myself until I was sure all four of us were feeling the same way.

Our hostess came by to ask everyone to take a seat for the opening ritual. Almost as if by the power of the universe, there was a spot for two people right next to Jeannie and Jason, so they paired up and took a seat while Betty and I found a different spot. We were seated roughly across from one another and I loved the idea of the two swap couples getting to engage a little on their own while we could all observe each other as well. For me this plays into my voyeuristic tendencies and also removes any of the initial awkwardness of flirting with a different partner while your own partner is doing the same.

Well, that isn’t what I expected!

As the ritual began, a gorgeous goddess began dancing. She was covered head to toe in things that sparkle and she had a very exotic, almost belly dancer look – other than the fact that her long, glittery dress covered most of her body. But when the time came to remove the dress, beneath was shiny, black, fetish attire. I whispered to Betty, “Well, that isn’t what I expected!” She chuckled and said something about it not being disappointing, though. Very true! Her dance was a very slow, sensual, and deliberate one. It was a perfect bridge from the everyday into the exotic evening ahead.

When this portion of the ritual was complete, the hostess announced that we had a special birthday tonight – her male partner. And as a gift, the hostess had recruited Jeannie to perform a dance for his (and all of our) pleasure. Jason and Betty knew little of this and when Jeannie rose to take her place, they were both very excited.

Your wife is so hot! Thank you, it’s true!

Jeannie’s dance was the opposite of the first one. She was dressed in all black to start and was dancing to the Boy Epic song, Dirty Mind. If you haven’t seen this music video, watch it now (NSFW, but neither is this post) and you’ll have a great idea of the dance that Jeannie did for the birthday boy. Jeannie was a little nervous about this performance, but let me say that she absolutely crushed it. Betty, who I’d known now for about 30-minutes, said to me, “Your wife is so hot!” (Favorite frame!) I can’t imagine anything better than having a sexy woman whisper in my ear how hot my wife is! Especially knowing that there’s an opportunity for all of us to play together later. It also didn’t hurt my ego (or Jeannie’s) as the accolades poured in following her performance.

After Jeannie’s dance, there was a brief reminder about house rules, the most important one being that everyone must get consent for every action. I joked with Betty that I’d already been touching her and didn’t ask for consent, asking if I have it in retrospect or not. She chuckled, confirmed, and asked consent to touch me which I happily granted. Then after one more joke about consent, we kissed for the first time.

Oh, the first kiss!

I want to say more about the first kiss because, like the discovery that I’m truly a voyeur (see: He Said: Welcome to the House of Love) I’ve also learned that one of my favorite activities is kissing. I happen to also think kissing is terribly awkward, but somehow, I enjoy the awkwardness. Especially that first kiss with someone new. There’s almost no way for it to be “perfect” so I revel in the “perfect awkwardness” but also the truly deep connection that this creates. My kiss with Betty, fit the bill perfectly. In fact, it was probably my least awkward first kiss and, well, just super hot! I was really feeling the connection with Betty.

We spent much (but not all) of the night with Jason and Betty, just having a terrific, relaxed, sexy time. The four of us found a spot on the beds in between various couples and threesomes having sex and played together there for a while. This was kinda new for us because, as open as we are, we’re not as interested in having sex in front of others. But we were so into Jason and Betty, and just feeling carefree, so that made it feel right. And, being a voyeur, what better than playing with my wife and another couple while also looking around me at beautiful people in various sexual activities? It was quite a rush!

Betty had plans to be suspended so we all made our way to the Shibari station. The rigger had to playfully force me away from Betty as she was getting too distracted by my touch and our chatter, so I had to back off and just watch for a while. Once she was suspended, however, I was free to play and I luxuriated in caressing her body. Her skin was so smooth and tight, her nipples hard, and her ass exposed to enjoy. It was quite the pleasure for me to play with her, and she seemed to enjoy it, too. I then brought Jeannie over to participate and she kissed and touched Betty as well. We eventually left Jason to have some time with Betty before her session came to an end.

Jeannie isn’t only still attractive to me, she’s more attractive now than ever!

After being released, Jeannie was game for suspension as well. This time I sat back with Betty, Jason, and another friend to just watch the rigger’s work and let Jeannie drop into the restraints, and the pleasure that comes with it. When Jeannie was finally suspended we did the same with her as with Betty, all touching, playing, and kissing. I was then reminded that I’m still in awe of the female beauty that surrounds me. Well more than 20-years on, Jeannie isn’t only still attractive to me, she’s more attractive now than ever! And having a beauty like Betty so interested in me is a huge turn on. (Favorite frame!)

After Jeannie was lowered, we took some time to just relax with some wine and enjoy the scenes around us. Eventually, we decided that we were complete for the night and began to say our goodbyes. Jason, Betty, and the Shibari rigger (Ryan) were going home to Greenwich and invited us to go with, but, alas, Jeannie had a performance the next that morning beginning at 8 AM. We left all agreeing to make future plans together.

When Jeannie was on her way to the performance she received a message from Jason that the three of them were going to spend a relaxing Sunday together and, again, invited us to join. We had to (again, and sadly) decline due to other plans, but we definitely have a little regret in missing this. OTOH – isn’t delayed gratification a great way to grow a smoldering ember into a raging fire? I would love to enjoy time with Jason and Betty as a raging fire, so I guess I’ll have to wait for that!

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My wife is the love of my life and my absolute soulmate. So why are we exploring polyamory and other sexual experiences that are often considered socially unacceptable? Read on to find out! Spoiler Alert: These things are AWESOME and have strengthened our marriage in ways you might not expect. Or believe.

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