She Said: Love, Lips, Lust

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Synchronicity in the City (& Other Sexy Stories)… Coined by Carl Jung, synchronicity refers to an unrelated coincidence that your mind attaches meaning to. But whether it is simply a Jungian construct or not, there are some things that just seem destined.

For example, on Thursday night I was flipping through various profiles on a dating app and came across one for a beguiling couple. Intrigued, I clicked “like” and was advised that we matched. A few minutes later, I received a text from the male half of the couple, Jason, reaching out to introduce himself. He expressed interest and we traded a few texts before I went to bed.

The next day, we resumed our thread and Jason asked if I wanted to meet him and his partner, Betty, for drinks Friday night since they would be at a music venue that evening in the city. I was interested in the opportunity to meet up, but, we soon agreed that the timing wouldn’t work out since I had my date with Jay that night. As we continued chatting, they mentioned that they were going to a party on Saturday night. Since Viktor and I were also attending a party on Saturday night, I wondered if we might be going to the same place. Sure enough, we would all be at the same event! So, we planned to meet up the next night.

After being at the party for about half an hour or so, Viktor and I easily identified Jason and Betty and introduced ourselves. There was an immediate connection among the four of us and we were soon hanging out and getting to know one another. Among the various facts that were revealed, Betty had previously lived in the apartment building that Viktor and I live in now!

During the party’s opening ritual, we further connected with one another, with Viktor sitting with Betty and I sitting with Jason. I then took part in the ritual, having been asked by the hostess to perform a sensual dance for her boyfriend, in honor of his birthday. It was thrilling to be a part of the event and to truly embody my erotic creature in front of so many witnesses. I later basked in the compliments and enjoyed the attention.

As the evening continued, Jason asked permission to kiss me. I said yes, and he began to kiss me on the back of my neck; it was very pleasurable and quite a turn on.  We continued to progressively increase our intimacy, with Jason checking in with me at each escalation, and ensuring consent with every next move. I appreciated the care and concern he showed me and felt safe and comfortable with him. By this point in the evening, we had gravitated to the bed area and were entwined in each other’s arms amidst others in various states of nudity and sexual activity. I had taken an edible earlier in the evening so I felt surprisingly relaxed to be so engaged in the open environment. However, I eventually felt the need to decline to go any further due to my comfort level (and because I still had my period).

Around the same time, Ryan, the shibari guy, was tying up and suspending Betty. It was incredible to watch. A while later, after the five of us had been hanging out around the fire pit, Ryan decided that he wanted to do another suspension and I agreed to be his SUBject. I was already quite attracted to him, so I was excited at the prospect of such an intimate experience. I was also curious to know how I would respond to his more seasoned rope skills compared to those of Viktor.

He carefully explained safety and warning signs before proceeding to wrap me in his rope. He asked me to remove my bra, but to leave on my thigh high boots; I consented and complied. Then, he slowly slid the rope around my body, first above, and then below, my breasts. Ryan then teasingly licked my nipples. Once he had completed the chest harness, he turned his attention to binding my legs together. He was then ready to hoist me off the floor, gently tugging the rope, lifting me higher and higher until I was perpendicular to the ground. It was quite exhilarating. I felt the presence of the strands encasing me, but it wasn’t painful; it was powerful. As I hovered in the air, Betty lied down under me to watch; it was truly a sexy, sensual experience. After I came down (literally and figuratively), we reluctantly bid our goodbyes to everyone and headed home.

The next morning, I got up super early to do a pole dance at an event. As I was on my way to the venue, I saw a text from Betty and Jason inviting Viktor and me to join them. They noted that they planned to stay in bed all day and that they were with Ryan, who had gone home with them after the party. It was a very, very tempting invitation, but we declined (mostly for the same reasons as the night before), expressing our desire to see them another time.  I later received a message from Ryan thanking me for the rope play experience and asking if we could see each other again. Swoon!

Days later, I am still buzzing with the electric energy of anticipation, desire and attention. I feel the thrill of being wanted and desired and truly appreciate the adoration from these various people. And, with all this emphasis on me, I also feel that Viktor can revel in this admiration because he has always seen me for who I am and thus is comfortable and confident to allow this extra attention to come to me.

I know that it has taken me a long time to get here, but I also know that I am finally becoming the powerful witch/goddess I was always meant to be and, as a result, am being seen and valued for who I am in all of my power and beauty.

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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