Act I, Scene I

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After we met at an erotic party (See Let’s Get This Party Started), Hank and I texted back and forth during the week, eventually setting up dinner plans. As we counted down the days to our date, I was excited and filled with wonder. All week I buzzed with energetic arousal like never before. I still felt ungrounded, alive, aflame! It was amazing and exhausting all at once.

Plus, there was the anticipation of a first date after 20+ years. What to wear? What would I say? And, more importantly, what did I want? As I was getting dressed, I was texting with my friend T who asked me what my desires for the date might be. I told her that I wanted to have an open and honest conversation with Hank, get to know him better and feel out what might about what might be possible for our non-conventional relationship. I desired to feel his desire; to feel his gaze and attention; and for him to sensually kiss me on the back of my neck. Then, I headed out the door and was on my way.

I met Hank at the Japanese restaurant as planned, dressed in an LBD, fishnet stockings and 5” heels, feeling beautiful and sexy. Our initial interactions were awkward at first, as we were both nervous and unsure what to expect, but I soon felt comfortable in his presence and was delighted to note that my desire for him was still there. I enjoyed his compliments and his gaze as we talked over dinner.

As we finished our meal, Hank expressed his interest in continuing to spend time with me that evening, and explicitly mentioned that he wanted to kiss the back of my neck. I had just explained desire lists with him 30 minutes earlier and practically blew his mind when I showed him my text to T!

With our mutually agreed upon agenda (having my neck kissed), we looked for a dark bar in which to connect more intimately. We found a dive bar, which wasn’t quite as dark as we had hoped, but decided that it was fine. We sat at the bar, engaging in inappropriate behavior – kissing and caressing each other in full view of other patrons (don’t judge!) – before calling it a night. While such PDA isn’t usually my style, it was really thrilling to be kissing him so intently and it was quite a turn on.

As we said goodbye, we shared our desires for future encounters and talked about possible plans for the upcoming holiday weekend. I was intrigued by where it might lead, especially as Hank expressed some a willingness to engage in a threesome with him, me and Viktor.

Arriving home after the date, Viktor was still up, so I briefed him on my date. He was really happy for me and we both felt the turn on of the evening, choosing to channel it into a sexual liaison. So far, Hank was having a very positive influence on our marriage.

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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