I Kissed a Boy (and I Liked It)

Early in our exploration of an open marriage Jeannie got off to a faster start than I did. She went to an erotic party (Let’s Get this Party Started) where she met her first new lover, went on her first date with said lover (Act I, Scene I) and a second (House Guest with a Twist) all before I got in on the act. A week of business travel took me out of attending the second erotic party with her (Return to the Scene of the Sublime) but on that same day I finally got my end of this party started.

My business trip technically ended on Friday, but I stayed into the weekend to attend a beach rave in Huntington Beach. Before going to the concert, Jeannie and I talked on the phone about our remaining day and night apart. She already had her plans set to go to the erotic party. So I said, “I desire to meet someone at the concert and take them back to my hotel room.” Jeannie very much approved of this and we agreed that, no matter what happened that night, we wouldn’t share stories over the phone Sunday morning. Instead, since I’d be home around 9pm Sunday, we’d share in person.

Being new to all of this, perhaps I set my sights too high. Or not.

Spoiler alert – I didn’t take anyone back to my hotel that night, but that doesn’t mean I struck out, either. About an hour into the concert I found myself fairly close to the stage dancing in between two groups that were clearly made up of friends. On my left, a group of young Asians that I talked with and danced with a bit. On my right side, a group of about eight shirtless, tan men of all ages. Some were young, buff “surfer dudes,” a few were older, larger “bears” and all of them were having a great time. I started interacting more with them than the “young ‘ens” to my left.

“Are you sure he’s not my type?”

While the area was crowded and body contact was inevitable, there’s a clear difference between incidental contact and physically dancing with others. At some point, one of the younger, buff, “surfer dudes” was clearly dancing more “with me” and ultimately grinding into me as well. When good music and dance is involved, I’m into almost anything and everything about this moment screamed positive vibes for me. Wonderful tunes; gyrating, hot bodies; friendly crowd; etc. One of the other guys noticed our body connection and says to the guy with me, “James, back off – I’m sure you are not his type!” So I turn to him and say, “Are you sure he’s not my type?”

James stops dancing, backs off a bit, turns to look at me and says, “Are you gay?” I responded, “I’m fluid.” James immediately looks at my wedding ring and says, “You’re married to a man or a woman?” I respond, “A woman. And while we’ve been monogamous for over twenty years, we’re exploring an open marriage now.” So James says, “Have you even been with a guy?” and I say, “Yes, but not since I’ve been married.”

And this was the tipping point. James could have totally backed off, but something about the vibe, the day, the music, everything… must have told him I was interested. He enthusiastically said, “Well, we need to change that!” He then pulls me to him and kisses me deeply. He held my back and shoulders while we kissed and my hands roamed his tight, sweaty, shirtless back while we both took in the moment.

We kissed, we touched, we were on fire.

And as hot as that moment was (and, let me be clear, *IT* *WAS* *HOT*!) there was an even more intense moment (for me, at least) as we broke the kiss. Pulling away slightly, I really had a moment to take in all that was James. He was a touch shorter than me, totally ripped, super tan and wearing nothing but board shorts and a baseball cap. I guess I’d call him Adonis if I didn’t know his name. And, let me tell you, it was magical to think that this near-perfectly sculpted dude was interested in me. He seemed totally out of my league; but I guess when you give off the right vibe, anything is possible!

We continued to dance and touch and kiss and play for about an hour until the DJ changed. James and his crew said they were going to get food from one of the trucks and asked if I was joining them. “I’m good right here for now, thanks!” James looked truly disappointed and asked why I wasn’t interested. I said, “Oh, I’m interested! But I’m also having a good time right where I’m at. So let’s make a deal… You guys go get food. If we see each other later, we take it as a sign and I’m yours for the rest of the day. If not, this was super fun and I loved every minute of it!” James (mostly) agreed and head off to the food trucks. I never saw him again.

The next morning I texted Jeannie that I didn’t take someone home but I did “kiss a hot surfer dude.” Her reply?

OMG, we were both off the hook last night. Can't wait to swap adventures!!!!

As this was in the past, you don’t have to anxiously wait for your flight to leave LA and arrive back in NYC, you can simply go on to read Jeannie’s post: Return to the Scene of the Sublime.

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My wife is the love of my life and my absolute soulmate. So why are we exploring polyamory and other sexual experiences that are often considered socially unacceptable? Read on to find out! Spoiler Alert: These things are AWESOME and have strengthened our marriage in ways you might not expect. Or believe.

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