A Tale of Two Dates

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After my first date with Hank, our texting morphed into sexting, which was a new experience for me  — my previous dating experiences were in the olden (aka pre-cellphone) days. Hearing my phone ding with the arrival of his sexts became almost Pavlovian as I became aroused by his missives expressing his desire to kiss me all over, taste my wetness and share an erotic dream he had had.

But, it was clear that we both wanted to move things from the virtual to the actual, so Hank and I arranged to meet up on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend for a picnic. He suggested that we could pick up sandwiches and some wine when I got to his neighborhood, but I texted back that I had a much different picnic in mind. Rather, I was imagining a sensual picnic with strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream and chocolate. He immediately acquiesced to the new plan and even asked me which kind of whipped cream he should buy.

On the day of our date, Hank met me at his subway stop and then we headed to Brooklyn Bridge Park together, finding the perfect picnic spot. Once we were settled on our blanket, we slowly fed each other berries topped with whipped cream and luscious chocolates, pausing between bites to enjoy sips of the dessert wine I brought. And, when not eating, we were deliciously kissing. About two hours later we packed up our picnic and walked to Hank’s apartment.

Once in his apartment, we were finally free to be more explicit with our kisses, touches and body exploration and we were soon both naked. Having stated that he couldn’t wait to taste me when we first met, it was no surprise when Hank shifted his attention from my lips and breasts to my clitoris. But, despite wanting the experience, it didn’t feel quite right as I wasn’t fully relaxed and felt pressure to climax quickly, so I asked him to stop. Hank was very reassuring that there was no pressure or rush and instead returned to kissing me elsewhere. We spent several hours engaged in sensual play, occasionally pausing to talk and share. Still a bit awkward and shy with a new partner, I wasn’t ready to give him head, even though I had researched safe sex and blow jobs in advance of our date, but did give him a hand job, truly feeling into what I wanted to do (and what I didn’t want to do). It was wonderful and freeing.

We eventually decided we were hungry (fruit, whipped cream and chocolate are yummy, but not entirely filling) and went to dinner at Hank’s favorite local spot with a fabulous view of the sunset and the Manhattan skyline. Earlier he had asked me about what else was on my desire list and I admitted that I had something on the list that was too far-fetched to share at this juncture, but after several playful requests from him and few cocktails later, I finally shared it: to pole dance for him and my husband on my birthday and then have them whisk me away to a fancy hotel room and have their way with me; plus lots of sparkling wine and cake. He didn’t flinch!

After dinner, we returned to his apartment, spent some more time kissing and then he called an Uber for me, saw me into the car and had me text him when I got home.

During our Friday date, I had mentioned that I was visiting a friend on Monday who lived near him. He said that if she and I planned to meet in the neighborhood, I should let him know, since he would love to see me again. After I confirmed plans with my friend, I reached out to Hank to see if he was still up for seeing me on Monday and he said yes.  We arranged that I would come by with some smoked salmon and do brunch in his apartment.

He again met me at the subway and walked me to his apartment. Once there, I offered to dance for him, guiding him to sit in his arm chair for a good view. I then turned on the music and moved slowly and sensually, peeling off my leggings and dress and giving him a brief lap dance. As the song ended, Hank took my hand and led me to his bed, resuming our make-out session from Friday. While we were in bed, I was much more relaxed this time and was truly able to surrender to his touch and tongue in orgasm.

On Monday night, after spending time with my friend L, I came home to my husband who had been away all weekend and filled him in on my adventures with Hank. He was so turned on and took me bed where we created our own adventure.

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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