He Said: House of Love Valentine’s Edition

Jeannie already covered this event from her point of view. Her story is spot on, but it can be fun to see it from another set of eyes. And I did have a few different experiences from her this time, so here we go.

It was a pretty amazing quickie!

Let me start from the end… Jeannie told the story of the after party sex that had to be rushed and called it a “pretty amazing quickie!” Nah, it was the best quickie ever! It was amazing sex in its own right – the fact that it was fast just made it that much more intense.

So there’s that – and it tells you alot about how positively charged the night was! Now for the rest of the story…

I’ve gotten more comfortable in my own skin, and I mean this literally for parties like these. This time I wore nothing but a red & black leather chest harness, very short red vinyl briefs, and biker boots. I carried my fan and flogger as well. That’s it! I decided I needed some additional adornment, so I asked Gigi if she’d do my makeup and she giddily agreed. She did an amazing job with glitter and red rhinestones. The result was more feminine than I’d done before, so I decided that a desire was to attract some boys at the party. Upon arrival, Jeannie and Gigi were in line for the bathroom and by the time they returned, I was dancing with and grinding against a cute boy. It was quite the rush!

Impact doesn’t arouse me, but the scene sure does!

Next up, later in the party, Gigi and I were on the center platform and a woman with a crop asked if she could hit me. I consented and then Gigi wanted in on the action, so she asked for my flogger. I gave it to her, bent over and the beating began. Gigi later told me that there were THREE women as a third joined in with a leather paddle. She was also impressed at my pain tolerance. I do seem to enjoy enduring the pain, but unlike a masochist, the pain doesn’t really arouse me. However, the scene of being beaten by three women in public – THAT was definitely a turn on!

Late in the party I was again on the center platform. Looking down on the main dance floor, I saw a woman squatting down and offering a blowjob to her dance partner. She opened his pants and took him in her mouth. A little later I noted that a condom had been added – kudos to them! Then things took a strange (but sexy) turn…

Why use a condom only to remove it at “that” moment?

The woman stopped her oral stimulation, removed the condom, and finished the guy with her hand. At her direction, he came in and around her mouth. Practical me was wondering why they bothered with the condom, but whatever. Then she pulls out a napkin or something to clean up, and he stops her. He grabs her hand, raises her from the floor, and begins to kiss her deeply. Then he disengages and licks the remaining cum from her face and they kiss again. This was totally unexpected, and also hot AF!

The final moment of their engagement? They exchanged phone numbers into their contact list – revealing their names to each other for the first time! I didn’t realize they had just met until that moment.

Welcome to the House of Love!

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My wife is the love of my life and my absolute soulmate. So why are we exploring polyamory and other sexual experiences that are often considered socially unacceptable? Read on to find out! Spoiler Alert: These things are AWESOME and have strengthened our marriage in ways you might not expect. Or believe.

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