The Playscapes Party

A few weeks ago we attended a Playscapes NYC mixer leading up to a play party last week. We met three potential partners that night and left feeling generally very good about the upcoming play party. That party was this past weekend and it was a really great event. Jeannie and I most definitely pushed out of our comfort zone and tried a few new things with great success. I’ll divide this post into four sections where the first three are not TOO explicit, but the last section, well, you’ve been warned! (And will be warned again when you reach that point.)

Party Basics

To recap. we met Jenna, Connor, and Paula at the mixer. In the intervening weeks we spoke to all of them at one point or another. Jenna would not be attending the play party and we’ve become friendly with her otherwise, so we’ll see what happens outside the play parties. Paula was a bit flaky when we texted, so we didn’t really know what to expect from her. Connor, though – we really made a strong connection with him and it was clear that the three of us wanted to play together at the party.

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Passive Participant

Last night included another new experience, as the polyamorous lifestyle so often does. Jeannie had a dinner date with Matt in the neighborhood and was planning to bring him to our apartment after dinner for a little tryst. We’d discussed the idea of Jeannie using the guest room while I am home, but it hadn’t quite happened yet.

“I very much enjoy performing for an audience!”

I had already met Matt, in our apartment, but after he and Jeannie were done for the night. It was very much like meeting anyone else, but with the knowledge that this person and my wife we naked and sweaty and screaming together just a little earlier. What I didn’t know, that I’d learn at the end of last night, was the Matt really enjoys an audience.

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