It’s Beauty and Rage

“But you saw more
You saw my deepest part
With the light of a thousand stars
You saw them, awake in me

And through your eyes
You show me everything
You woke me up inside
Brought back to life
I lost myself
Now I breathe again”

The title of this post comes from the refrain of one of my favorite songs to dance to in class: The Ever by Red. And, with this emphasis on rage, beauty, and haunting lyrics that speak to being seen, I thought it was perfectly apropos for sharing this experience.

Specifically, I had a profound dance at S Factor last weekend during an EC (Erotic Creature) Romp — a 4-hour, immersive workshop. During my first dance, I had my hands tied behind my back. It felt thrilling, straining against the binds — the yearning to touch, to break free…and the vulnerability of being bound and restrained. I pulled against the taut strings; it was like music being drawn out slowly through the air. I felt the raw depth of forcing my body into new shapes, breaking old/stagnant patterns and pushing against bonds and boundaries.

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On becoming a swan

animal avian bird blur

The Ugly Duckling has always been one of my favorite fairy tales. To refresh your memory, a young bird is ostracized by his fellow birds and taunted as being ugly. However, this “ugly duckling” turns out to be, not a duck, but rather a beautiful swan.

I think what has always drawn me to this fable is the need to find your place in the world where your beauty can truly be seen. A beautiful swan will always be an ugly duck when viewed with the wrong lens; it was only when the swan found those who could appreciate his beauty that he was seen for who/what he really was. In this regard, we all need to find our place – where do we fit in and who will appreciate our beauty?

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