Non-Sexual Intimacy is Sexy!

It’s been a relatively quite two weeks since A Kinky Reset, and I’m pretty sure I needed it. I had a much anticipated date with Justina cancelled cause she was sick and while I was disappointed, it seemed for the best for everyone. Sometimes we have to focus on ordinary life, self-care, etc. Without a solid grounding for ourselves, how can we share with others?

I appreciated the “quiet” time, but was also getting a little anxious about various activities and partners. Despite allowing myself to properly recharge by doing the things I needed to do for myself, I was feeling disconnected from others – especially my friends. I couldn’t put my finger on why and sometimes the why doesn’t really matter. This may be one of those times.

In a mildly depressed emotional state, I entered into a weekend with a lot of friendly interaction on the calendar.

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Blissed Out Beyond Belief

As a student of all things (well, many things) related to sex, I am no stranger to sexual empowerment and have read about the transformational power of orgasm from Layla Martin, Keeley Olivia and others. But, to tell the truth, I always thought they were exaggerating. Yes, sex can be amazing, but could it really be as magical as they claimed? Spoiler alert: It can!

Last weekend, Viktor and I had a very specific sex date planned. Among his desires, Viktor very much wants to have anal sex with me and we have agreed to begin prepping in this regard. Thus, we had decided that we would engage in some anal play, namely butt plugs that Viktor had purchased for this purpose.

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Sex Magic Revisited

I started and stopped writing this post numerous times because some of the autobiographical details were derailing my momentum. But, after much thought, I realized that they weren’t relevant to the story I wanted to tell. Suffice it to say, for various reasons, I had been feeling a bit off for about a week or so. In fact, there was almost an anxious, manic feeling and I felt driven to do something, but wasn’t sure what to do.

Among the things I did do, was return to the dating app in the hope of finding a date for the weekend since Viktor would be at raves on both Friday and Saturday nights.

In addition, I realized that in the wake of my Heteroflexible, Bi-curious or Bisexual post, I really did want to manifest my desire to be intimate with women, so I started to look more earnestly for possible matches in this regard as well.

After some online chatting, I made plans to meet up with a number of men, but two of the three dates were cancelled. And, then I had a weird virtual Dom from Ireland / possible scam incident, which was unsettling. Thus, by the end of the week, I was emotionally charged, but tried to push through as if everything was fine. Continue reading Sex Magic Revisited

She Said: Love & Sex & Magick


For Viktor’s take, see his post.

There’s been a lot of talk about Jeannie, Viktor and someone or Jeannie and someone, but not so much about just Jeannie and Viktor. Well, that was remedied in celebration of Valentine’s Day. We chose to book a room at the Essex House, which was the hotel where we spent our wedding night. I even brought a copy of the original room receipt to share with the staff at check-in.

We were given a beautiful room with a view of Central Park and then took some time setting everything up — creating a makeshift pantry for our snacks and kicking off the weekend with a glass of Champagne. I had purchased a new set of Agent Provocateur lingerie for the occasion because, well, I’m a lingerie addict and also to imbue our new credit card with good vibes as this was the first purchase made on it.

Once we were ready, Victor surprised me with a magical, love spell that truly set the container for our celebration and created the perfect mood, separating the week from the weekend and the mundane from the sacred.

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He Said: Love & Sex & Magick

NOTE: you can read Jeannie’s take on this here: She Said: Love & Sex & Magick

Jeannie and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a night late so we could book a hotel for Friday (rather than Thursday) and make a romantic overnight of it. We didn’t make other plans around the evening, just that we’d bring in a bunch of appetizing items to snack on, a couple of bottles of wine, and basically stay in the room from check-in to check-out. We set our mutual desire to be really intimate and connected, with the intention of that leading to lots of terrific sex.

It was all that and more! Including magick…

I planned one small surprise for Jeannie – which was my first magick spell. In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, The Alchemist’s Kitchen sent a newsletter that included a spell for The Lover and The Loved. I was really intrigued by the spell and had already been curious about witchcraft and magick, so I decided to give it a try. (Oh, and if you are of the belief that witchcraft cannot be conducted by men, read this article.)

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