A swoon-worthy date

As noted, I have been slow to talk about Cooper, but I thought it was time to include a sexy encounter with him. He was happy to oblige with juicy content on our most recent date, which incidentally lasted nearly 24 hours.

Cooper and I had planned for me to arrive at his place around 1pm on Saturday afternoon. Shortly before I left my apartment, I received a text from Cooper: “I want to do naughty things to you when you get here.” I immediately replied, “Yes, please.” He wrote back, “Good girl. I have not yet cum today and would like you to help me with that 😈” Then, a minute later, “I need to be inside you before we go out.”

I felt an electrical charge pulse through my body, especially in some parts more than others. Swoon! I texted back a Bitmoji of me swooning and briefly considered ditching the subway and taking a car to get to him more quickly.

Upon my arrival we kissed hello and then headed to the couch, where our kissing resumed in earnest as Cooper began to hike up my dress and slide my panties and stockings down my legs, He then caressed my exposed pussy before picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom, gently lowering me onto the soft bed. He went down on me, bringing me to climax several times before presenting me with his erect cock, which I gladly took into my mouth, until he withdrew it, put on a condom and entered me. Each time I orgasmed, he urged me to cum again until sometime later, we were both quite sated.

Afterward, we reluctantly dragged ourselves out of bed, got dressed and headed uptown to the Cooper Hewitt museum. It was a pleasure to share the experience together as we perused the various exhibits.

Our next stop was to a boutique grocery store for legendary French crullers. We decadently devoured the donuts as we walked arm in arm down the street. Then we went to an early dinner at one of Cooper’s favorite restaurants.

Next, we returned to his apartment to walk Cooper’s dog, Chris, who had been reading my Kindle (well, he had been playing it, not sure he actually knows how to read 😉). Then we were off to a cute bar for live music. Our main objective was the band Ginger Root, but we arrived in time to watch the two opening acts. During the second opener (a cool band called Sedona), I suddenly began to feel flushed and nauseous. I started to tell Cooper how I was feeling, and then the next thing I knew, I was on the floor unsure of what happened or where I was. As I looked up to take in my surroundings, the lead singer was standing over me with a bottle of water (thank you, Sedona!). I had apparently fainted. Well, to be fair, I had texted him the image of me swooning earlier in the day.

Cooper offered to take me home right away, but I was sure I was going to rally and I wanted him to hear the music we had come to see. We stayed for a few songs by Ginger Root before heading back to Cooper’s home, where he was eager to get me settled into bed, but this time he just wanted me to sleep and get well.

We cuddled in each other arms and then eventually drifted off to sleep, with Chris at the foot of the bed – not overly sexy, but definitely sweet to have the dog in bed with us. We awoke the next day, well rested and back to full health, craving each other and ready to make up for the missed opportunity the night before. Several orgasms later we emerged from bed dressed and took Chris for a walk, stopping to pick up coffee and a scone. Post breakfast treat, I begrudgingly pulled myself away to go meet a friend as planned.

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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