Polyamorous Quotes and Terms

One of the endlessly entertaining things about being polyamorous is the litany of quotes and terms we’ve said or heard. I recall the first time someone asked me, “Where’s Jeannie tonight?” And I said, “On a date!” It came naturally, but I was also very aware of how unique this simple statement was at the time. It was the beginning of a long list of, “I never thought I’d say THAT!!!”

The first “bombshell” statement like this came in the form of an early blog post titled:

Found My Wife in Bed with Another Man…

And that story continued:

…so I got undressed and joined them! (Not how you usually expect that sentence to end, right?)

Since that encounter, there have been so many other things we’ve uttered that fall into the category “never thought I’d say that!” Another example:

Took my wife and girlfriend to the Sex Expo and then the three of us met up with my wife’s Dom for lunch.

There are also the more practical statements like,

Sometimes we play with our partners separately, sometimes we play together and share.

Another terrific dialogue has been around some volunteering I do as a “consent monitor” at sexy parties. As a volunteer, I get a +1 for the party and recently I asked if there was a discount code cause I was a +2. The coordinator asked:

You are a +2 as in poly? Or you have a friend that wants to go, too?

When I said poly, they gave me a +2 “in support of the lifestyle!”

Then there are some practical things like describing complex relationships:

We’re not a triad or thruple, more of a V

Or when Jeannie hosts at our apartment and I get “sexiled” for the evening. I chuckle at this one cause it sounds bad, but the term makes sense and I truly don’t mind getting out on my own now and then.

Oh, and I almost forgot my favorite statement from Justina:

No, not punishments, FUNISHMENTS! 🤣

That’s all for today. Just wanted to share some of the lighter side of the Summer of Sexiness!

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My wife is the love of my life and my absolute soulmate. So why are we exploring polyamory and other sexual experiences that are often considered socially unacceptable? Read on to find out! Spoiler Alert: These things are AWESOME and have strengthened our marriage in ways you might not expect. Or believe.

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