A Birthday Surprise

On the weekend of Jeannie’s birthday she decided to host a party at our apartment. She asked surprisingly little of me on terms of preparing and hosting this party, which was especially nice. (We already did our own thing the actual night of her birthday and those arrangements were on me.)

The party was set for Saturday night and we had plans to attend an outdoor event in a park during the day. On the way to the daytime event, Jeannie expressed some desires for the day and night. One specific desire was:

“I desire a REAL birthday kiss from Vanessa!”

Jeannie and Vanessa were having this virtual love affair, mostly over text, since the brunch that introduced them and sparked their mutual infatuation. We weren’t sure she’d be attending the party until the night before.

So I texted Jeannie’s desire to Vanessa who responded:

“Oh, that’s a given! What ELSE does she want to do with me?” 😜

I mostly left that question unanswered as we figured out her party arrival time. The party was a mix of friends and not all of them knew everything about our lifestyle. We’d debated “coming out” to everyone and ultimately decided to simply do what felt right as the party evolved.

The party got hopping pretty soon after the 8:00 start and by 9:00 we already had over 40 guests. Most were interacting openly and we were sure there were a few awkward conversations as our worlds collided. Only around 11:30 did it seem that some people were departing so we decided that the 30 or so folks left should get a small taste of Jeannie’s talents.

The time had come for a sensual dance.

I queued up the right music and asked for everyone’s attention as Jeannie emerged from the bedroom, no longer in her party dress but now in flowing party lingerie! (She is such a sexy Goddess!) Jeannie went on to perform a sensual dance for a very eager and willing crowd. For the next few minutes our apartment took on the feel of a club as various hoots and hollers, and general praise for Jeannie’s dance were heard.

After the dance everyone got back to the party with Jeannie making the rounds to accept hugs and kisses and praise and appreciation.

Soon after the dance Vanessa arrived. We knew from the start that she’d be late and her timing turned our to be arguably perfect. While she was immediately disappointed to hear that she missed the dance, this fueled her desire to be closer to Jeannie. I also teased that if she stuck around she just might get a private pole dance a little later!

“I’d like you to meet my birthday gift to Jeannie.”

With Jeannie otherwise engaged I introduced Vanessa to various friends. Being around midnight with the party quite energetically and somewhat erotically charged, I decided to be playful with my introductions. “I’d like you to meet Vanessa who is also my birthday gift to Jeannie for the night!” I wasn’t entirely certain how Vanessa would react to this but I thought she’d enjoy it. Not only did she enjoy it but she totally owned it… and added her own sexy playfulness to her discussions. Among other things said, Vanessa told anyone that would listen how hot Jeannie is and how much she’d like to get her hands on Jeannie’s body.

That kind of sexy affirmation sends me flying!

Jeannie was eventually able to connect with Vanessa and the “original” party was winding down. As the crowd got down to about 15 or so, it was clear that everyone in the room was “in the know” so we were getting more openly frisky. Jeannie was sitting in Tim’s lap and they were acting playfully. I spent some time lavishing attention on Vanessa to “keep her warm” but soon realized that she was getting plenty on her own. And her interest was so clearly on Jeannie more than me, not that I was complaining. So I let her do her thing and proceeded to talk kink with a few of our mutual female friends who share these interests.

Thinking back, I’m a little surprised that bondage rope never came out to play. My flogger did make it to the party, but it was admired more playfully than actually used. Oh well, next time!

With the help of some friends that knew we wanted time to unwrap Jeannie’s gift, the party wound down to just us along with Vanessa, Tim, and a couple of trusted friends. It was time for the pole dance! Vanessa, Tim, and I cozied up with the others on the bed as Jeannie took to the pole.

It was time for the main event.

Vanessa had no idea what to expect and her jaw dropped about 30 seconds into the dance. She told me several times how gorgeous Jeannie’s ass was and how sexy she was on the pole. Vanessa was absolutely in awe of Jeannie and I was eating it up!

As the dance was ending I told Vanessa, “OK, you gotta get up there now.” She misinterpreted and thought I meant to get on the pole. I said, “No! Time for you to fulfill Jeannie’s birthday desire.” Vanessa said, “Oh, fuck yeah!”

As Vanessa left the bed she moved with purpose into Jeannie’s arms. They sensually placed their hands on each other’s faces and engaged in a deep, sexy kiss. And while I don’t entirely recall how (or care how it happened) it was soon just the three of us left and we moved on to the couch with Jeannie in between Vanessa and me.

Vanessa was the playful aggressor and was having so much sexy fun by asking for consent at each and every turn. If you haven’t heard this before, CONSENT IS FUCKING SEXY! Vanessa would ask Jeannie, in such a sensual voice:

  • May I kiss you?
  • May I touch you arm?
  • May I touch your breasts?
  • May I suck on your nipple?
  • May I finger your pussy?

Each time Jeannie would practically purr her response. While I got involved, too, I could have just watched and listened and been absolutely satisfied. Nipples were sucked, breasts were fondled and cuddled, and pussies were fingered. These two gorgeous women with such different bodies were just enjoying the beauty and pleasure of each other. Each admiring in the other what they may not have themselves.

As much as I’d have loved for there to be more, the playful body explorations came to an end as Vanessa noted that she’d like to find her boyfriend for a good fuck to complete the evening. We sent Vanessa on her way and indulged in a few teasing texts after her departure. One included the very explicit things Vanessa wants to do to Jeannie next time. These are very much Viktor approved! Assuming Jeannie consents. 🥰

All in all an amazing birthday party and a fantastic sexy ending to the evening… with the likelihood of more to come!

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My wife is the love of my life and my absolute soulmate. So why are we exploring polyamory and other sexual experiences that are often considered socially unacceptable? Read on to find out! Spoiler Alert: These things are AWESOME and have strengthened our marriage in ways you might not expect. Or believe.

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