A Maelstrom of Desire

It was just a simple introduction on OKC – complimenting my smile and wanting to know more about me – but it was enough, along with his profile, to match and begin chatting. Thus, Sam and I were soon in an engaging conversation that captured my attention. He also introduced me to his wife, Dara, as there was the potential for us all to connect.

Within a short period of time, we scheduled our first date for post-work drinks. The dialog flowed easily and the hours flew by. We reluctantly decided to say goodnight and ended the date with a brief kiss. He texted on his way home (always a good sign and my preference) and complimented the kiss.

On our date, we had talked about deliberately taking things slowly since I am looking for a more substantial connection to which he agreed. But, apparently, my kiss kindled something intense in him since the next morning he shared a very erotic dream he had had of me. And then the sexting began… in earnest.

Concurrently, Sam wanted to start planning date number two and even asked me out for the next night to the Philharmonic, but unfortunately those plans didn’t work out. We instead settled on meeting up the following week, when I joined him and his wife for dinner at their home.

Over the course of the two weeks between our first and second dates, the sexting had been incredibly robust. His missives would ignite my desire and I would become wet thinking about him and what he was proposing to do to me. On occasion, it would fuel me to self pleasure and he was similarly fantasizing about me to ramp up his own at home sessions.

Finally, our second date arrived. I really enjoyed meeting Dara in person as we ordered in sushi, drank lots of sake and had a great time! However, despite all of us getting along, it was clear that this was a party for two. Eventually, Dara headed off to bed, as Sam and I sat on their balcony kissing and exploring each other’s bodies.

Awhile later, we returned indoors and claimed the couch, feverishly undressing one another, anxious to have even more access to our sensual selves. It was hard (pun intended) to resist, but we remained true to our decision to not have sex, but it was delicious torture as he slid his erect cock over my clitoris, bringing me higher and higher. I encouraged him to come, which he did.

Two days after our date, we were texting and savoring the details of our time together. He had texted as he stroked himself to climax earlier in the day, but now it was my turn. I continued to type back my growing desire while grabbing two vibrators (one internal and one external). I alternately pleasured myself and typed my until I came. It was an incredible experience to share.

Our third date was planned for a Friday night, two weeks hence. We were very much looking forward to having the time to truly get to know one another as well as take immense pleasure in each other more leisurely and at length since we would be at my apartment and Viktor would be at a rave until late.

One Tuesday afternoon about a week and a half before date number three, I decided to draw myself a bubble bath, bringing the phone with me as Sam and I continued our texting. He noted that he had to drive past my apartment on his way home from work, so I jokingly told him to stop by. Sam replied that if he did, then he ‘d have to fuck me. I responded, “So?”

Not surprisingly, he happily obliged with a quick, post-work visit. He called briefly before he arrived and asked what I was wearing. “Bubbles,” I answered, as I was still in the bath. Sam was only a few minutes away, so I quickly jumped out of the tub, toweled dry and draped on my robe.

Once I welcomed him into my apartment, we dispensed with a tour and headed straight to the guest room. It was a bit fast and furious, but we were so ready for one another after all of the teasing and texting. Yes, it was a bit rushed, but it felt really good and I was enjoying the release of all that pent-up energy, eager to explore him more slowly the next week.

Unfortunately, it was supposed to be a prelude to the following week’s date, but due to illness, Sam had to cancel our plans. He has promised to make it up to me soon. In the meantime, the maelstrom continues…

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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