Blissed Out Beyond Belief

As a student of all things (well, many things) related to sex, I am no stranger to sexual empowerment and have read about the transformational power of orgasm from Layla Martin, Keeley Olivia and others. But, to tell the truth, I always thought they were exaggerating. Yes, sex can be amazing, but could it really be as magical as they claimed? Spoiler alert: It can!

Last weekend, Viktor and I had a very specific sex date planned. Among his desires, Viktor very much wants to have anal sex with me and we have agreed to begin prepping in this regard. Thus, we had decided that we would engage in some anal play, namely butt plugs that Viktor had purchased for this purpose.

In anticipation of our date, I took a leisurely bath, enjoying a glass of bubbly while I soaked in the tub. I also took an edible to enhance my relaxation. After my bath, Viktor and I shared a delicious sushi meal, slowly easing into our date and our time together.

Once sated on food, we moved to the bedroom and turned our attention on each other. Viktor began to caress my breasts, teasing my nipples and then stroked my pussy, getting me really aroused. Once we agreed that I was sufficiently turned on and relaxed, he gently inserted one of the anal plugs. It was both pleasurable and weird, as the sensation was new and unknown. I relaxed into the unease, focusing instead of the positive things I was feeling and allowing Viktor to continue to play with the various plugs.

Eventually, I had had enough anal play and needed to stop and reset. We lay in each other’s arms as I rested and allowed the lingering discomfort to dissipate. A short while later, I was ready to resume our intimacy and we started to have sex.

As he entered me, Viktor was using his Tantric breath on me, heightening my climax and then I was coming really hard and both screaming and crying loudly in a combination of Goddess spot and clitoral orgasms. I could feel the intensity of the climax (and crymax) as well as feeling almost like it was an out of body experience, partly due to the edible, but partly due the blissed-out state I was in.

After that first orgasm, we took a brief break and then started having sex again. Soon, I was having a joint climax again, also screaming and crying, and it lasted for at least five minutes. I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt and how long it went on. Finally, the wave subsided and I proceeded to rest for a bit.

For real, I was tired and thought I was done; I’d already had two amazing orgasms, but then, believe it or not, the swirling energy of the room had its way with me and I had another one, equally as intense and lengthy, without any physical touch whatsoever! And then it happened at least once more!

I am not sure what exactly happened between all of the energy and the impact of the edible, but I felt like I was channeling sex magic and power, sending it out to the world. I felt both power coursing through me and felt powerful, capable of incredible sex magic, transmuting creation energy into manifestation energy. I sent it out to Gary’s son who had fever; I sent it to the universe in support of financial abundance; and I simply sent it out as I felt at one with the universe as wave after wave of energy crashed around me and through me; a vessel or cauldron of sex magic energy!

Did I heal Gary’s son or manifest a new home? Who knows? Was it the biggest orgasm of my life? Very likely. Did I have an extended massive orgasm? I think so. Did I release built up trauma? Definitely! Was it all amazing? Absolutely!

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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