And Another Thing…

Warning: Some explicit content ahead!

Last night presented yet another opportunity to do something I never thought I’d do. I masturbated while Jeannie read me the explicit texts from one of her lovers. I’m still not quite sure how we got there, but it was damn hot and totally fun!

It was Friday night, Jeannie had a date, and I was excited to actually have a “night off.” I was planning to get some pizza and mostly sit in front of the TV to wrap up my week. There was a fun and balanced weekend ahead, so this was all shaping up nicely.

I got the pizza and watched a little TV but then outreach for a quick writing assignment reached me and I decided to take it. The assignment was short and simple – likely less than an hour. But, of course, I went down a rabbit hole of unnecessary (but FUN!) research and, three hours later, I was just wrapping up. I was pretty wound up (in a good way) rather than relaxed.

Jeannie would likely be home soon

The original plan was for me to get to sleep relatively early and Jeannie could wake me if she was energized, or just go to sleep. After all, we had the whole weekend planned together. I considered masturbating to wind down, but it didn’t quite feel right. Then Jeannie and I exchanged texts that she’d be home soon, so I waited in bed reading for a bit.

Jeannie came home from a great, but not physical date. She was a bit energized, too, so we got into conversation about her date and my girlfriend and related poly-topics. The conversation got pretty heavy for a bit, and once we’d talked ourselves back to a good place, we were full of frenetic energy. Yet we weren’t really ready to have sex, either.

I have a kinky idea!

I said to Jeannie, “I’ve got a kinky idea. How would you like to read me some explicit texts from your lovers while I masturbate?” I was pleasantly surprised and how readily Jeannie responded, “Yes, I would love to do that!” I kind of expected her to ponder this a little, but I guess this makes sense since “sexting” was a new discovery for her and she was really enjoying it! (With the right partner.)

I got undressed and we snuggled up together as she searched her phone for a good thread to read. I was already hard just from the thought of what was to come, so I grabbed my erection and began to stroke myself, pulling Jeannie’s warm body tightly against me.

The texts that Jeannie read were a little disjointed as there wasn’t a single thread that perfectly fit my pace, but it was still super exciting. Jeannie read me things like, “I cannot wait to slip my cock into you,” and “Yes, I’m very aroused – there’s already pre-cum coating my dick and I’m using it to stroke myself as I imagine your body before me.”

I love the feeling of cumming inside you!

My mind was racing with the dirty thoughts of an anonymous (to me) man telling my wife all the things he wants to do to her. I was also aroused knowing that these texts were shared while Jeannie and her “sext” partner were masturbating to each other.

I was getting very close to climax and Jeannie’s voice reading these texts was getting more raspy and sexy as she was clearly turned on, too. Then, she read the text, “Oh, yes! I just came all over myself!” I wasn’t quite there yet, but that statement, the picture of what he was doing, and knowing it was focused on Jeannie – that really got me off!

I began stroking a bit more feverishly and my body was writhing as I approached a strong climax of my own. I could feel my cock swelling, the cum welling up inside and seeking escape. I knew this climax was going to be strong. As I began to cum, I was caught somewhat by surprise that the first blast shot all the way over my torso and onto my cheek. Yes, this was one powerful orgasm and I was making quite a mess!

Wow! That was some orgasm!

As my orgasm subsided, I let out a truly guttural sigh and when I did I could feel it physically throughout my body. Having practiced Tantric breathing, I immediately recognized the connection between my energy, this moment, and my body. It was a powerful release and I felt very, very satisfied!

I reveled in this satisfaction for a few minutes, holding Jeannie close, before eventually cleaning myself up and getting back into bed. Jeannie and I cuddled and practically fell asleep in each others arms. And I slept very, very well.


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My wife is the love of my life and my absolute soulmate. So why are we exploring polyamory and other sexual experiences that are often considered socially unacceptable? Read on to find out! Spoiler Alert: These things are AWESOME and have strengthened our marriage in ways you might not expect. Or believe.

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