When It Rains, It Pours…

…but it can’t put out My Fire!

Prerequisite Reading: I’m on Fire!

Meeting and truly connecting with Justina last week has been indescribably awesome. While she tops the list of wonderful things for me in the last week, there are at least three other things that would have taken the top spot last week, if not for Justina. This is just one of them…

Jeannie and I met up with friends of mine so she could meet them for the first time. We all hit it off and had some great conversation. Vanessa is a beautiful woman with, shall we say, a quite bountiful chest region and Jeannie happened to be wearing something that showed off her cleavage as well. As we were wrapping up our meal, this conversation ensued between them…

V: “I have to say, I’ve been admiring your gorgeous cleavage all morning.”

J: “Funny, because I’ve been staring at yours.”

V: “Thanks! But yours are real!!!”

Jeannie’s absolute top desire is “to be lavished with attention” and this was a powerful example. Here is this beautiful, young woman that Jeannie probably felt is “out of our league” practically telling her, “nah, you are a goddess, babe!”

Side note: Justina and another friend of mine each described Jeannie as a goddess – a a particularly special and important word to her!

As Jeannie and I walked to the subway, she was totally over the moon from this flattery and attention. If I didn’t have to go to work, we’d likely have found a place for a late-morning quickie. Instead, we went our separate ways for the day and just basked in the glow of being so desired.

That afternoon, I texted Vanessa:


Um, 🤩🥰😍! While not quite my top desire, I, too, can be an attention whore. We both spent the day on Cloud Nine and just enjoyed it all. Moments like this power me, they fuel me, and when I am positively charged, I can be such a force.

So how did I use this power?

Well, the short version of a longer story is that I pushed out my positive energy to several friends that needed it. The week culminated with me at a rave hugging so many people and literally saying, “please, come get some energy from me, I’ve got more than enough and want to share!”

And, also, one specific way…

I invited Vanessa to a Rope Bondage workshop next week and she’s very interested. We’ll see what happens, and of course I’ll share here afterwards. Jeannie is a little jealous that I may see Vanessa first and without her, but like a good wingmate, I’m working on a date for Vanessa and Jeannie as well.

Oh, the possibilities!

And, again, when this is the second best story of the week, I know I’ve had an absolutely amazing week!!! (Thank you, Justina!) 

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