Adventures in Anthropology Revisited

After seeing each other somewhat consistently for about four months, in mid-June, Jon called it quits citing a lack of disposable income. OK, whatever. Dude, I am not an expensive hobby; I am a person that you were so concerned about attachments with. Anyway, next…

Plus, as a consequence of my last experience with Dahlia and Dash, I am closing the door on that chapter. Then, Brady exited stage left after our debrief and Ryan has essentially fallen off the face of the earth (although we did finally see him over the holiday weekend, which was fun).

Also over the holiday weekend (yes, it was a very busy weekend), I connected with Lane and her partner, Nolan. In what has been the fastest turn-around from match to meet, Shana took me to lunch the next day and peppered me with questions about Viktor’s and my experiences over the past year. I introduced her to the blog and she has become a voracious reader of its posts. While the potential threesome never developed, the four of us have since gotten together for dinner and drinks and a new friendship seems to be blossoming.

And, in a life is stranger than fiction, in late June, Viktor, Gigi and I attended Torture Garden, a fetish-themed party. In addition to getting dressed up in related costumes (donning the collar from Brady, naturally), the highlight was being suspended, Shibari-style, by Oz. We also had an amusing exchange when this guy approached us and stated that he had a weird question to ask. Manny wanted to know if we were on the dating app, because it turned out that he and I had matched previously, but had yet to start a conversation. At least he knows that I really do look like my photos! We have since connected and met up for a first date. He had indicated an interest in getting together again, but hadn’t reached out and my texts to him were met with a lukewarm response, so I am moving on.

Interestingly, Viktor and I had a date with Nick a young guy he had met on the dating app. Viktor had pre-vetted Nick and really liked him, so I was cautiously optimistic when I met him. But, despite being mature for his age (25), he seemed like a “child” to me and I felt insecure about not having a 25-yer-old body as well as uncomfortable about his lack of experience (by virtue of his age). I realized that these were turn-offs I couldn’t overcome. Guess I am not a cougar; good to know.

Finally, I am still seeing Tim or at least I think I am. We saw each other three times in June and then had a fabulous time on a burlesque sail in early July, but it has now been three weeks since we last saw each other and he has not even hinted at a next date. [Update: Tim just texted that he would love to get together soon. Yay!]

A bright spot amidst all of these departures was the arrival of Matt. I am enjoying getting to know him as things unfold. Similarly, I am excited about having met Gary and am looking forward to our upcoming D/s scene.  I’m also in the midst of texting with a few other folks I met on the app and have scheduled dates with two of them.

All of this communication and dating continues to intrigue and fascinate me as I have fun flirting and meeting new people.

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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