Adventures in Anthropological Studies

For those following along at home, these last few posts have been very reflective, but I promise that life has not been boring. The dating app did not disappoint in gifting me with a variety of adventures back in April, which I have been negligent in sharing. Most of these have simply been first dates that haven’t gone anywhere, but a few have the potential to become more interesting.

Jesse: As a wine distributor who was excited that I was drinking Pecorino (and not Chardonnay) when we first began texting, he seemed promising; at least there would be good wine on our dates. So I took him to my favorite, local wine bar, where we had a pleasant time. But after an auspicious start, the follow through was non-existent. He finally texted two weeks later, which I decided was two weeks too late.

Polly: She was our first female connection on the app and our first double (or rather, triple) date. We took her for drinks and both Viktor and I liked her, but she was too self-conscious about her size in comparison to mine and chose not to pursue us further.

Antonio: We really wanted to like Antonio. His list of hobbies – cycling, rock climbing, EDM – was a great match for Viktor (especially Viktor) and me. Plus, he was very generous; when we suggested meeting up for drinks, he countered with dinner (his treat) and offered to pick us up in his car. But, when we got to his car, we soon realized that we were driving along with his dealer’s agent, as they completed a drug transaction. Moreover, his energy was extremely intense and was just uncomfortable to be around.

Manny: We met for coffee and he seemed like a great guy, but his questions felt a bit like an interview. We had a mild goodbye, so I was surprised when he reached out the next day and asked for my number, but I just didn’t feel sufficiently interested in him and politely declined a second date. Perhaps too much caffeine, not enough chemistry?

Carl: He said that he was looking for a sub and claimed to have experience. He got points for choosing a fun spot for our date and for canceling in advance and immediately rescheduling, but the rescheduled date came and went without comment, so I have since disconnected from him.

Saul: I met him at a Meet Up event that I attended with Viktor. He was nice enough and seemed very eager, so I thought I would give him a chance, but I didn’t really have an interest, so when he had to reschedule our date, I decided to cancel altogether.

Pierre: We met up a wine bar before the last erotic party and had a lovely time. Our second date was a sex date, during which we talked about previous encounters (small world, he knows Jake and Mia) and he asked about my interest with women. He suggested the possibility of a threesome with himself, me and his girlfriend, Amelie. He had shown her my photo and she had liked what she saw. The three of us are meeting for brunch next weekend. Stay tuned…

Brady: When I first went out with Brady, I had a much better time than expected. His app profile was flirty and fun and we really enjoyed each other in person. Afterwards, he said that he wanted to spend more private time with Jeannie, which has since happened (see blog post).

Dash & Dahlia: I first met Dash and Dahlia at the April erotic party and continued to text with Dash over the next few weeks. We finally made plans to meet up, which was funny – he thought I was bringing Viktor (I didn’t) and I thought he was bringing Dahlia (he didn’t). We ended up having a fabulous time flirting, kissing and dancing at a few gay bars in Hell’s Kitchen, before he took me home and spent the night. I was concerned it might have been a one-night stand, but he has since reached out to see if we can plan a date with him, Dahlia and me.

And, in a funny coincidence, I attended a burlesque show featuring some of my friends and ran into Hank, who I hadn’t seen since last summer. It was nice to catch up with him, but I have no desire to revisit that chapter of this journey.

The flurry of activity was fun, but I am glad to be settling into a more relaxed routine with a number of consistent people as we head into the summer season. Moreover, there have  been several very steamy dates, namely with Tim, which I am behind on capturing for posterity, but will be worth the wait. Until then, I hope you are all having your own adventures!

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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