Nights of twine and poses

A few days after our first date, Ryan came over after work to spend the night with me. Viktor was out of town on business, so he wouldn’t hijack our date this time around (wink) and it gave us a chance to get to know each other better and explore our intimacy further.

Upon Ryan’s arrival, I opened up a bottle of wine so we could relax into the evening and unwind from the day. It felt great to see him and be held and kissed and I had to reluctantly drag myself away to go to the kitchen for the wine.

I had dressed in a short, plaid skirt, with garters and stockings underneath and wore tall, black boots since he had expressed interest in these garments on our previous date. After we had been enjoying the wine and talking for a bit, I asked him if he preferred to undress me himself or if he would like me to dance for him. He chose the latter, so I put on a song I had recently danced to in S Factor and proceeded to move for him. By the conclusion of the song, I had stripped off my top. We renewed our kissing as he pulled me onto his lap and removed my bra.

Awhile later, Ryan asked if I wanted to be tied up. I readily consented and he surprised me. Instead of taking me into the guest room, he guided me to stand in front of our Barcelona chair. He firmly bound my arms behind my back, making sure that I was comfortable. He then wound the rope around my torso above my breasts, then below. I loved the deliberate and slow careful attention as he unfurled his hanks of rope and then applied his art to my body. The delicious pleasure of being wrapped up was co-mingled with slight pain as he drew the ropes under my arms, biting my skin as they skimmed across it.

Once he was satisfied with my upper binding, he sat me down on the chair and gently reached for my left leg. He bent my leg and placed my foot on the chair before circling my ankle with the twine. I thought that he would bind my leg to itself (Futomomo) as Viktor had done, but rather, he pulled it straight and then out to the side, before securing the rope to the back of the chair. He repeated his ministrations on my right leg until I had both legs splayed open in front of me, supported by the ropes.

I felt very provocative in this position as well as vulnerable, thankful for both my flexibility classes and the beauty of the garters and stockings, in imagining what I must look like to Ryan. But despite my vulnerability, I trusted, and felt safe with, Ryan. Throughout the experience, I tried to tune out everything and quiet my mind and did a reasonably good job considering that this is always a challenge for me. He had put on classical music — a collection of string instruments — which helped me stay present in the moment and, as we later discussed, were a callback to the strings he was pulling taught on and around me.

He had gently teased me a bit during the set up, but now he turned his full attention to my breasts and pussy, turning me on slowly, then more intensely. His fingers slid along my underwear, then underneath as I gasped more audibly with each stroke. I felt how wet I was. Then, he tugged the panties down and began to taste me, bringing me higher and higher.

Afterwards, he took his time to remove the ropes, first releasing my legs and then freeing my arms. Next, he pulled me into his lap, holding me close and kissing me; excellent aftercare. We then headed to the guest room and continued to enjoy each other’s bodies. He brought me to orgasm again and then I told him I wanted him.

As he entered me, it felt amazing and grew from there. It was incredible to feel so much pleasure the entire time he was inside me. Once we were both spent, we held each other and the waves continued to undulate through my body. Ultimately, we decided to go to sleep, waking early enough to resume our sexploration before he had to go to work.


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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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