A missed marketing opportunity?


Prior to the Summer of Sexiness, my hotel use was mostly confined to vacations, out-of-town visits and conferences. However, one Valentine’s Day, our original plans to take a Tantra class were fouled when the instructor got the flu at the last minute. We had already dropped the dog off at boarding in anticipation of a long day out and thus found ourselves with nothing to do and no commitments.

In a flash of brilliance, Viktor suggested that we find a deal on a last-minute hotel room and ended up booking us a special package at a hotel on in midtown. We went home and hurriedly packed an overnight bag before heading out to our staycation. As part of the package, we had an amazing dinner at a trendy restaurant and there was a beautiful floral arrangement in the room. Mostly, we used the opportunity to relax, connect and have sex.

More recently, hotels have become the site of my birthday weekend, our recent Valentine’s Day date and my sex dates with Jim (who uses Day Use to locate and book a room exclusively for the day) as well as the location for threesomes and swaps with Jake and Mia. I’ve now since discovered that hotels make a great meeting place for such rendezvouses because it often isn’t feasible or appropriate to bring these partners into your home. Plus, the non-personal nature of these rooms permit you to tune out real life and more easily focus solely on intimacy and your partner(s).

In looking at hotels with this lens, Viktor and I have also noticed the need to really scrutinize rooms when booking, looking at bed size (whether you want two Queens or one King) as well as the need for space and possibly other furniture in the room. A room that works for a couple may be too cramped for four adults, even if the bed is King-sized. I don’t know if there is a sufficient audience/target market for hotels to promote their various conducive amenities to those in the lifestyle, but it is an interesting thought.

Also, as a funny side story about hotels, you need to be careful about trusting those clocks. On a recent date with Jon, the day seemed to be getting away from us rather quickly and then suddenly it was 5:00 PM and I had to rush home to walk the dog. However, once I had gotten on the subway and pulled out my phone, I realized that it wasn’t 5:00 PM at all — it was only 3:00 PM; the clock in the room had been set ahead two hours! Oh well. At least I wasn’t late getting home.

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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