Prelude to (more than) a kiss…

On Tuesday night, Jon texted me: “Ice Cream? Wednesday or Friday?” I was excited that he was interested in seeing me again so soon, especially since we already had a date scheduled for Monday. Eventually, we realized that to make an ice cream meeting happen, we would need to twist ourselves into pretzels, so we abandoned the idea.

However, while I had his attention, I asked him if we were confirmed for Monday. He replied, yes. I then asked for details on the time and place because we had not discussed anything other than that it would be a daytime date on Monday.

He texted back:text…followed by an address (withheld for obvious reasons). Then, when I asked him what time I should arrive, he wrote, “We have from 10 to 6.” It was so fucking hot!

Awhile later, he sent an image of his test results (indicating that he was sexually healthy), admitting that it wasn’t romantic but he thought I would like to know. It was very much appreciated and added to my sense of trust and esteem of him. His actions were such a polar opposite to my dates from this past summer and it was not only refreshing, but extremely welcome. I am very intrigued for Monday and am trying not to get too excited so that I am not disappointed or overly expectant.

Meanwhile, my date (or rather, more of an initial meet and greet) with Jacob and Lee was lovely, though not particularly eventful. We met at a casual bar in Lee’s neighborhood and spent two hours getting to know one another. I had found them on the dating app and had enjoyed my text exchanges with Jacob. When we first matched, he had asked if I wanted to meet him on his own or with Lee. I replied that I was game to meet them both and explore whether or not we all clicked in person.

During our evening together, we covered a range of topics from careers, travel and pets to our experiences with the app, open relationships and sexual preferences. At the end of the evening, Jacob asked me what I thought and I expressed my interest in seeing them again. They invited me to return with them to Lee’s apartment, but I politely declined, noting that I would savor the anticipation for when we do get together.

The next day I woke to a beautiful message from Jacob…
“Hope you got home OK. So, upon discussing you/our evening afterwards (hope your ears weren’t burning too badly) we came to a couple of conclusions: we both agree that you’re stunning and can’t wait to see you (and perhaps more of you) next, we’re realizing we’re pretty sapiosexual or cultursexual or just plain ol’ interesting-people-sexual. It’s not that we don’t find other people attractive or that we need the sapio-ness to be attracted to someone, but rather that you check ALL the boxes. And you’re super sweet. Just thought I’d share. Night night!”

All of this seduction and flattery could go to a girl’s head, but I’m not complaining. Could all of this undo decades of self-doubt and judgment? Honestly, it just might.

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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