Unicornicopia!(And Conjured Desires)

Friday after Thanksgiving Jeannie had a date scheduled with Dan, so the night was mine. With no specific events in the kink community scheduled that I wanted to attend, I looked for a fun night of music and dance.

Last time I was at House of Yes it was for a House of Love part (see: He Said: Welcome to the House of Love) and that night didn’t really go as planned. This time, House of Yes was advertising its 3rd annual Unicornicopia party with the dress code:

Unicorns, mythical creatures of many horns, glitter, glitz and glam.

With a lineup of local DJs that I enjoy, this seemed like the perfect event. Now, technically, this was not a House of Love party, so it wasn’t exactly a redo from last time. However, House of Yes really does promote a “place of yes” where attendees can meet new people and try new things that may be somewhat outside their comfort zone. And as I learned from my first erotic party (see: Masquerade: What Lies Beneath?) setting intentions and desires effectively can make all the difference.

So Jeannie and I went over out intentions for our evenings, and mine were as follows:

  1. To meet fun people and engage with them directly, not just dancing and looking at each other
  2. To dance with others – with intent (meaning that we’re not just dancing, but truly interacting)
  3. To kiss a stranger
  4. Most of all – to embrace an energetic and enthusiastic night of music and dance

After the event, I told Jeannie:

If you squint, I got everything I desired. But only barely.

Yet as I’m writing this and recalling evening, it was actually much better than that and I did get everything I desired. Also, not stated in these intentions, but on my mind was meeting potential new partners. At the last House of Yes event, I did want to meet someone to connect with beyond the event. This time, I really wasn’t looking for that. Had I met someone and exchanged numbers at the end of the night, that would be great – but this was not high on my list of desires.

I thought a lot about my costume and ultimately bought a sleeveless, black fishnet hoodie (the hoodie is odd, but somehow works) that is fully open in the back, and in the front has a tight mesh white panel with colored splotches. I wore this with a mythical mask, dragon horns, a pattern of sparkling jewels on one upper arm, and a rainbow colored Anjuna flash tattoo on my other arm. There was also some hemp rope on a carabiner attached to my belt; you know, Unicorn lasso, if needed. I was pretty excited about my costume because it showed more skin (as Gigi suggested last time) and I felt confident in it. Also, I didn’t want white/silver/unicorn as I figured that would be the popular theme. I passed on glitter hoping to use the “Glitter Unicornification Station” they had at the party.

I arrived on the early side hoping to get glittered up, and of the early arrivals, most were in a long line for glitter. Oh well. I also quickly noted that the costumes were off the hook! At least 50% of the crowd had a costume made up of more than just a unicorn horn (probably another 25% had just that) and of those in costume, most went all out. Probably half the costumes had LED lights in them and most were clearly homemade in the best possible way. My costume was great, but, WOW, some of these were just outstanding!

If I had any trouble separating straight from gay men at the last HoY event, this one was totally impossible. And, frankly, this was something I really enjoyed throughout the evening. Even as a pansexual, I still tend to see a person and internally give them a label as gay, straight, queer, etc. It’s really fun to look around and have no idea if that person you find attractive is “your type” or not, and do this in a place where it’s unlikely anyone will be offended if you hit on the wrong ones. This is definitely a crowd culture that House of Yes has cultivated.

Case in point, as the night was winding down, a person was walking past me with incredible colored hair and an equally fabulous outfit to boot. I said, “your hair is absolutely fantastic, and your whole look as well!” They looked at me, a little judgmentally, and said, “do you even know if I’m a boy or a girl?” And I said, “No, and I don’t care. When someone looks fabulous to me, that’s all that matters.” They then smiled at me and said, “Well that’s refreshing!” They followed this with a kiss on the lips and then they were gone. I’ll never know if they were a boy or a girl. Or neither.

Tonight? Unicorn lasso. Usually, bondage.

Early in the night two women were dancing together near me and asked if I’d take their picture. They posed in a very Instagram-able embrace with pouted lips, wide eyes, chin up, one arm across each other and the other on their own hip. (Oh, you know the pose!) I took several photos and returned the phone noting that they may not look great with the various changes in lighting. They looked, liked them, and when thanking me one noticed the ropes. She asked, “what are those for?” I said, “Tonight? Unicorn lasso. Usually, bondage.” Both of their eyes opened wider, “I can tie one or both of you if that’s your desire.” One responded that it sounded really fun but would make it hard to dance. The other than said to me “that’s a sweet offer” and to her friend “maybe we do need a more sexy photo?!?” I thought that meant rope! But instead their phone was again in my hands and now they were engaged in a deep kiss. I took several more photos which they reviewed and expressed their approval. Then one said to the other that they shouldn’t be such a tease to me. I received thanks for the photos in the form of a lovely three way kiss that lasted about 30-seconds.

It was still relatively early and the dance floor wasn’t too crowded so I made my way to the front where I danced near the DJ for at least the next hour. Knowing that my personal favorite DJ of the night came on at 2 AM (and played till close) I left my spot around 1 AM to take a break. This left me about an hour to explore and make my way back to the front before Whitney Fierce started her set.

Nope, I definitely was not expecting a rap performance called, “Plant Sex.”

I ventured out to the outdoor bar to cool off and while it was nice for a few minutes, it was about 20F and I was wearing a fishnet top, so it didn’t take long before “cooling off” became “freezing my @$$ off.” I wasn’t ready to go back to the dance floor yet so I checked out the remaining back room to see what was in there tonight. When Jeannie went to the fetish party, it was a dungeon. When we were there for the red party, it was bad 70’s porn. Tonight, when I walked in, I thought for sure it was karaoke until I realized that the singers were using their own lyrics. It was actually a duo who did comedy and sex-themed songs. Among other numbers was a rap called “Plant Sex.” They were funny, but I was ready to get back to the DJs and dance again.

I spent the next half hour working my way around the dance floor and ultimately was back to the front about 20 ahead of the 2 AM set. It was definitely more crowded, but the groups at the front were super friendly and I was quickly swallowed up into a group of a dozen or so gender-bending unicorns. While dancing with them I kept noticing an attractive woman about ten feet away that I thought might be a friend of mine named Erica. I kept looking her way trying to see if I could tell identify her while not looking too creepy. I was also hoping she’d recognize me… until it dawned on me that, um, I was wearing a mask!

Then, suddenly, the woman I think is Erica points through the crowd at me. I’m not certain that she’s pointing at me, so I move past another person to see if her point follows me. When it does, I’m sure, so I work my way over to her still unsure if it’s Erica. As she has a costume and a lot of face makeup, it’s hard to know for sure. I get close to her and she leans in to talk to me so I can hear her. “I love your costume, but especially your mask!” I thank her and then ask her name – just to be sure. “Aphrodite,” she says (of course) and I finally know for sure it’s not Erica.

I say to him, “I love Whitney Fierce!” And he replies, “then get up here and dance with me!”

As 2 AM approaches I’m feeling great. I’ve pretty much conjured all my desires. And my favorite DJ wasn’t even playing, yet. Most of the area to the sides and behind the DJ booth are the VIP section, but there’s one small platform on each side of the booth that’s in front of the VIP. It fits about 4-5 people and I’m just in front of it on the floor, but that makes it hard to see the DJ. As Whitney’s set starts I find myself dancing under/with a guy that’s on the platform and right next to the DJ booth. He can practically touch Whitney and he’s hamming it up for her.

I say to him, “I love Whitney Fierce!” And he replies, “then get up here and dance with me!” He pulls me up and I squeeze into the small space between him and the booth. It’s hard to really dance, but I’m elated to have gotten to this spot.  Here’s a photo of her to give you an idea of proximity – and I didn’t zoom in at all.


I dance with this guy for about 10-minutes and while we’re dancing very physically on each other, it doesn’t feel sexual, it just feels like good dance energy. I’m loving it and I think he is, too. After a balloon drop and a few times swatting balloons off the sound board for Whitney, I thank my dance partner and move back to the main dance floor to get a little more room to move.

Moments after I am back on the dance floor, this great dancer that I’ve seen at various times and places appears right in front of me and we start mirroring each others moves. Well, at least I’m trying to do this, but he moves way better than me. Either way, he seems to be enjoying it and then steps next to me, puts his arm around me, and grabs my fishnet shirt. “I love this shirt, man! So awesome!” Then he playfully bites my ear, and plants a kiss on my neck. Before I can even react, he’s flowing through the crowd and dancing with another dude. In the moment that he was pulling on my shirt I had put my hand on his chest and, well, this guy was solid. I would have liked to put my hands on more of him, but I was pretty satisfied to have gotten the attention of yet another hot guy.

While the party officially runs until 4 AM, I could feel the crowd thinning after 3 AM and by 3:30 I was ready to go. I could have listened to Whitney for another two hours or more, but I also knew that I had an 8:00 AM alarm set for a bike ride, so heading out made sense. As it was I didn’t get home till 4:30, so sleep was limited anyway. In the few hours I got to rest, I could still hear Whitney spinning in my dreams and I think I was playing out some fantasies with Mr. Dark and Solid. Maybe next time they won’t just be fantasies and dreams.





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