Afternoon Delight

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As is often the case with texting, my conversation with Andy left me unclear as to whether or not we had a date set for the Sunday afternoon after we had met at the House of Yes party. Given the ambiguity (he had offered up the date, but had not finalized a time or place), I only semi-prepared to meet up with him (which meant no make-up and a mismatched bra and panty set) and headed to my dance class wondering if I would hear from him or not.

About 30 minutes into my commute, Andy texted me that he was looking forward to seeing me that afternoon. I confessed my confusion and asked if he had a specific plan in mind. After his overt sexual advances at the party, I was cautiously optimistic that he would suggest a real date and not just invite me over to his apartment to hook up. His suggestion that we meet for a bite, drink or whatever else we wanted made me feel better about his intentions and I left it up to him to choose the venue, although I did express a desire to be outside given the lovely weather.

In response, Andy had texted me to meet him at the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District. There is always that moment of fear as to whether or not you will recognize the person you met at a dark party, but we found each other on the sidewalk without incident.

Once we had said hello, we took the elevator up to the hotel’s rooftop, which boasts spectacular views of New York City and the Hudson River. After we ordered cocktails, we scored a spot on the couch with a lovely waterfront vista and spent time sharing more about ourselves. We also talked about our interests in connection with dating each other as well as the particulars of my situation. As a single dad not wanting to get too entangled with someone, my open marriage status seemed to be a good fit for him.

During our conversation, Andy shared stories about some of his past dating experiences and revealed that he enjoyed having sex in situations or circumstances where there was the danger of being caught.

“Aha!,” I said, “So you do have a fetish after all; you are an exhibitionist!” He hesitantly agreed. (Now I understood the whole bathroom thing at House of Yes).

Every so often we would kiss, but I was uncomfortable to let the kisses linger too long since it was broad daylight and not an appropriate place for excessive PDA. But, despite my slight discomfort, I did enjoy kissing him.

We had initially arrived on the rooftop in shade, but over time the sun had burned through the clouds, brightening the sky and heating up the day. The heat was welcome as it prolonged the feeling of summer, but we were sweating a bit and eventually Andy suggested that we get up from our spot to take in another view.

I followed him down a flight of stairs, passed the bar and (unknowingly at first) into the restroom area. Andy opened the door to one of the bathrooms, displaying not only the expected commode and sink, but also a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the High Line. We were too high up to see any details, but the view was spectacular and there was definitely the feeling of being seen given all of the glass.

Andy drew me inside the stall with him, locked the door and began to kiss me in earnest. This was definitely well outside my comfort zone, but I decided to push my edges and allow the kisses to escalate. Soon my skirt was pushed up and my panties were pulled down as Andy brought his mouth my pussy and proceded to taste me. I was nervous about getting in trouble, but, simultaneously, it felt thrilling to be with him in this manner. And, while I wasn’t fully able to relax into his touch, it did feel really good and I felt very turned on.

I declined to return the favor orally for a variety of reasons and was certainly not ready to have intercourse with him since we still barely knew each other, but I did help pleasure him to climax, which he appreciated greatly. Andy had previously admitted to having masturbated twice since having met me on Friday and it was flattering and sexy to feel that I had generated such turn on in someone.

After we cleaned up and departed the bathroom area, we sat by the hot tub and continued to talk for awhile. Then we both had to head to our respective homes and Andy walked me to the subway, noting that he would like to see me again.  It had truly been a delightful afternoon!

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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