These boots were made for… dancing


When your summer includes threesomes and swaps, you almost forget that you had a sexy weekend when it was just you and your husband (or at least I temporarily forgot when asked about my weekend on Monday night). But, in fact, it was truly a pleasure to finally dance for Viktor in my new boots. At S Factor, we are encouraged to experiment with clothing, shoes and music to coax out our innate Erotic Creature as well as to see which elements help or hinder in this regard. For some, it might be slinky lingerie, while for others it could be a sparkly tutu or a body chain.

When I first started with S Factor, I bought a pair of clear stripper heels (because I decided that the clear would match more things than black or red and you always want to be practical when buying stripper heels 😊). Anyway, I never really loved them and eventually tossed them out and replaced them with other high-heeled shoes over the years. But, it wasn’t until this June that I finally took the plunge and invested in a pair of thigh-high, patent leather, black boots. With their stiletto heel and dominatrix vibe, they make me feel powerful, sexy and in control.

From the first time I tried them on, they were magical and have transformed the way I walk and move in my dance.

I had shared stories of these class experiences with Viktor, but he hadn’t seen them on me until we made a specific date for me to dance for him for an upcoming date night.

The plan was to eat a light dinner, take an edible and then I would begin to dance for him before the pot kicked in. I had put together a playlist with five songs and settled Viktor onto the chair in our bedroom with a perfect view of the pole. With such a lengthy list of music, I worried that he might get bored, but afterwards he assured me that he had enjoyed every minute of it. When the playlist was over, I removed the boots and Viktor led me to the bed and proceeded to finish the strip tease I had started on the dance floor.

Once I was fully nude, Viktor parted my legs and dove down to taste me, expressing his delight with the intensity of my scent (it had been a hot and humid day on which I took an S Factor class and walked quite a bit). I had been a little concerned about whether I was still fresh, but apparently Viktor takes the same pleasure in a woman’s scent as Napoleon who supposedly urged Josephine not to bathe before he returned to her.  Regardless, I really enjoyed seeing Viktor derive such pleasure from me and felt both empowered and sexy that my scent was so intoxicating to him, which was in such stark contrast to how women are generally made to feel about their bodily aromas.

After he had sufficiently turned me on, Viktor kissed me and proceeded to pull some rope out from behind the pillow and tied my hands together, which was an unrehearsed, yet perfect reply to my last song selection, which was Tie Me Down by Gryffin & Elley Duhé. By now the pot was in effect and I was fully relaxed and able to surrender to Viktor. Having watched me have sex with Jake, Viktor took a cue from that experience and experimented with different positions, which resulted in an intense, non-clitoral orgasm. While I am still trying to figure out what I am experiencing during these orgasms, I am now really intrigued by the idea of a cervical orgasm as well as a G Spot orgasm and am doing some research on this (Layla Martin has some great videos).

As I continue to explore my orgasm and my turn on and feel into my body, the more connected I am feeling to Viktor as we share these sexual experiences together. I feel much freer to be open and honest in the bedroom in a way that I never felt before. While it isn’t one specific thing that has changed, I do feel that I have given myself permission and that seems to be the critical piece as I find my way and find my pleasure.

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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