She Said: The Full Swap Revealed

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While I am not sure what I did “right” on my date with Jake and Mia, I clearly didn’t do anything “wrong” since they were eager to see me again. I knew that Viktor was happy for me to have had the threesome with them, but I also got the sense that he would be a little annoyed (and jealous) if I saw them again without him. Plus, I knew that he was tired of being a spectator in this “sport” and was ready to participate!

During our texts to set up our date, Jake wanted to know if this would be a Full or Soft swap. Viktor and I had agreed that if I was comfortable and willing to pursue intercourse, then he was on board and, we both felt that losing my “virginity” this second time to Jake was a good idea given my previous positive experience with him and Mia. Accordingly, I texted back: Full. I was sure that he would be pleased.

Having decided that what you wear to a foursome is fairly similar to what you wear to a threesome, I wasn’t as nervous about selecting my outfit this time. I chose a black sundress that required me to skip a bra since I knew Jake didn’t really care about lingerie and a G-string panty with a bow, wrapping myself up as a gift to them.

Again, Jake and Mia booked a hotel room for us and we planned to meet for drinks in the hotel bar, so that I could introduce Viktor to them and we could all spend time unwinding and connecting. We arrived a little early, catching them in the lobby and thus went up to the room together, but not before Jake, and then Mia, kissed me hello.

After entering the room, we set up candles, speakers and sex toys. As Mia showered, Jake began to kiss me again, sliding his hand under the halter of my sundress, appreciating the lack of a bra and easy access to my breasts. Suddenly, he turned to Viktor and asked, “Is it okay that I am kissing your wife?” Not waiting for Viktor’s response, I laughed and noted that that ship had sailed.

Once the room and its inhabitants were ready, we headed upstairs to the bar, ordering a round of drinks and light bites, allowing Viktor to get to know Jake and Mia and vice versa. We quickly lapsed into an easy comfort with one another and it was clear that all was a go.

About an hour later, we returned to the room, excited to indulge in our mutual play. Viktor began to kiss Mia as Jake turned his attention to me and soon untied my halter, unzipped my dress and slid it off. As we settled into our respective partners and the evening at hand, Jake licked and teased my nipples, turning me on, before proceeding to give me oral sex. As I climaxed, I offered up my body to Jake, who then put on a condom and began to fuck me.

While the details of the night are a little hazy, it was essentially a wonderfully long, repeated round of oral sex followed by intercourse, coupled with the use of a vibrator, all resulting in multiple orgasms. This was interspersed with touches from Mia and Viktor, further adding to the various stimuli pleasurably assaulting my senses. Although I found the clitoral orgasms to be most satisfying, I was amazed at how intense and pleasurable intercourse with Jake was. He is clearly very talented and knowledgeable as he carefully positioned his cock to touch and reach different spots within my pussy. Whereas I had been so concerned about not being able to climax the night before on my date with Kevin, I had no such problem with Jake and was quite vocal in my pleasure. Plus, I had taken edibles to help me relax and get out of my head and it really seemed to work.

Given all of our activities, it was a late night when Viktor and I finally said goodnight to Jake and Mia, heading to bed around 3:00 AM. Not surprisingly, I woke the next morning quite tired, but truly feeling blissed out and spent.

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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