He Said: The Full Swap Revealed

This will be a long post about our full swap with Jake and Mia. It will begin innocently, just as the night began. And, as with that night, this post will get more and more explicit…

As “awkward” was quickly replaced with “smokin’ hot!”

The plan was to meet Jake and Mia at the hotel bar, but as luck would have it, we found them checking in as we arrived. Jake immediately leaned in and gave Jeannie a passionate kiss, and then Mia did the same. Each of these actions aroused me immediately, and then I was faced with the awkward, “what do I do?” moment. (I did nothing, yet.) There would be a few of these, but “awkward” was quickly replaced with “smokin’ hot!” so it was worth it.

Before going to the bar, we went to drop stuff off in our room and Mia proceeded to shower. While in the shower, Jake began kissing and fondling Jeannie; then after a few minutes looked up at me and said, “May I kiss your wife?” As I responded, “Of course,” Jeannie was saying to Jake, “Honey, I think that ship sailed long ago!” I next said, “May I share?” and Jake responded, “Sharing is caring.” While he and I had previously exchanged a few text messages and he made it pretty clear that they “enjoy it all” I still needed to find my footing.

I was very turned on that Mia was dressed so sexily… and specifically for me.

Jeannie and I were dressed up as we’re wont to do, and our partners were dressed casually when we met them in the lobby. But when Mia returned from her shower, I wasn’t really prepared for her transformation. Jeannie had told me that they tend to dress casually, so I expected nothing differently. Yet here was Mia standing in a long, tight dress with a thigh high cut and low cut top showing ample cleavage. I complimented her (or more likely mumbled an intended compliment) as I felt my tongue and jaw hanging awkwardly. Well, OK, I was probably pretty composed on the outside, but I was definitely drooling over what I saw. Yet, I only gave her a hug and gentle kiss before heading to the bar. (Probably for the best as if I got started then we may not have left the room.)

We each had a drink and shared a snack at the bar while initially engaged in casual conversation. It was a chance to drop into ourselves, connect with each other, and generally prepare for the evening ahead. Even when the conversation got more explicit, it was more “matter of fact” than Penthouse Forum. That quickly changed when we paid the bill and returned to our room.

A rapid shift from the innocent

Upon entering the room, Jake lit candles, and I put on a playlist of Hotel Costes to help set the mood. But other than these two innocent tasks, things quickly shifted to anything but innocent.

Jake began kissing and fondling Jeannie and I think she was down to her lingerie before Mia and I even had a proper kiss. I stood behind Mia, pulled her hair back and to one side, and began lightly kissing and licking her shoulder, neck, cheek, and ear. Mia responded with luxurious low moans of content that did nothing but fuel my already strong desire to continue seducing her. And even though sex was basically a foregone conclusion, I was definitely interested in the seduction.

Her moans became more audible and deeply sensual.

Mia reached around behind us and held the back of my head tightly as she turned her head around and upward so we could engage in a kiss. She kissed me deeply, running her hand through my hair and pulling me into her kiss. I ran my hands over her (still dressed) body… first down her sides, then gripping her hips, then back up along her stomach until I was fondling her breasts for the first time. Mia was quite responsive and as I fondled her breasts gently her moans became more audible and deeply sensual. I applied the slightest pressure to her breasts and she responded even more audibly.

As I was making a mental note to return to her tits when things got further along, she turned into my arms, continued kissing me deeply while now running both hands through my hair, and pushing her body into mine. There was no denying my excitement as my notable hard-on was squeezed between our bodies. Mia then began unbuttoning my shirt as we proceeded to a more comfortable state of undress. And only while she was doing this did I first begin to notice Jeannie’s moans, so I looked to see that she and Jake were fully naked with Jake’s head between her legs.

I was loving the sounds coming from my wife, even if I wasn’t the one coaxing them from her.

A (very) brief moment of wonder passed though my conscious mind as I’d never seen my wife being pleasured by another man. This conscious thought was quickly replaced with a dorky grin on my face as I immediately knew we were doing precisely what we’d set out to do. And it was clear that I was enjoying her pleasure even if I was not providing it. I was thankful that Mia was otherwise occupied, kneeling before me and undoing my pants, as my dorky grin would not likely have been a turn on for her.

Mia quickly lowered my pants and first fondled and then kissed my hard-on through my boxer briefs. Part of me wanted her to release me immediately and another part of me simply luxuriated in her efforts. Leaving my briefs in place, she stood up and took one step back from me. She locked her eyes with mine as she reached behind her neck to undo her dress. Maintaining an almost painfully sexy stare, she slowly slid her dress down and stepped out of it. I suddenly realized that I “missed” the unwrapping of my present, a scene I particularly enjoy. But I only missed it because Mia was so skillfully keeping my eyes on hers and the appreciation for my unwrapped present was just as great.

Her moans increased to 11

I sat on the bench at the end of the bed where Jake was continuing to bring oral pleasure to Jeannine and guided Mia to sit on my lap with her back to me. She seductively pressed herself against my hard-on as I began rubbing her neck and shoulders. I then returned to her breasts and her vocal response definitely indicated I was on the right path. Soon her bra was off and I was toying with her nipples which quickly took her moans up to 11!

While very much excited by all of this, I was still more in the stage of seduction than sex. Since Mia was so responsive to my shoulder rubbing I offered her a massage and told her we had brought massage oil. In a deep, seductive whisper, she said, “Mmmm… That sounds delightful!” I got the massage oil and began rubbing it into her shoulders, neck, arms, sides, tummy, and, eventually, her breasts. The sumptuous aroma of rose oil began to transport us to a sensual space. I took my time as I could tell she was very much enjoying this attention. I also wondered to myself if this is the kind of seduction that gets too little attention from some swingers.

“He’s found my weakness!”

Once I arrived back at Mia’s breasts I began to really focus there. I was now leaning back on the bed with Mia on top of me as I explored the different things I could do to her breasts and how she reacted to each. I was making a mental index of which touches to return to later. Mia was extremely responsive to tit play, and frankly seemed to like it pretty rough, so I proceeded to provide, adjusting pressure based on her audible reactions. My interpretations were confirmed as I was suddenly aware that Jeannie’s head was next to mine and then Mia leaned over to Jeannie saying, “he’s found my weakness!” Then Mia proceeded to kiss Jeannine and another hand briefly joined me on Mia’s tits. I’m honestly not sure which body belonged to that hand, and truly didn’t care either.

From passionate and sensual to raw and sexual

Soon after this amazing moment, things made a clear shift (at least for me) from passionate and sensual to raw and sexual. Mia again kneeled before me and this time released my engorged cock from my briefs. She looked up into my eyes again while fondling me and then turned her full attention to giving me a blowjob. It was tremendously exciting to be getting head from someone other than my wife. And while Mia had no specific skill that Jeannie didn’t, it just felt more raw and this was only accentuated by the fact that Jeannie was right there able to observe. And not to mention that Jeannie was effectively getting the same within my view as well.

Mia gently guided me so I was laying on the bed as she continued pleasing me orally. Jeannine was on her back as well, perpendicular to me, with her head basically against my side. I turned my head in the direction of her activity and watched as she was penetrated for the first time by another man. I held her head and fondled her breast as we each shared the pleasure of another.

Hands, lips, breasts – body parts were kind of everywhere

Soon Mia moved on top of me and it was my turn to experience intercourse with another. Jeannie was moaning quite loudly at this point and Mia practically purred, “doesn’t she sound so delicious?” Mia then leaned over to kiss Jeannine and each of them fondled each other as Jake and I continued our efforts. Hands, lips, breasts – body parts were kind of everywhere and constantly being shared to the pleasure of all involved.

After some time sharing, Mia sat more upright and began riding me with a newfound intensity. Suddenly Jeannie’s (loud) moans seemed like a whisper as Mia screamed with passion. This was an incredible turn on for me – the whole scene for sure, but specifically the obvious pleasure that Mia was getting from my body and my performance. After entering the evening unsure I’d even know what to do, it was clear that I (and everyone) knew quite well what to do.

The next few hours were a bit of a blur of different activities between the four of us. I remember frames here and there very clearly, but much of what I remember was physical bliss within a vague series of activities. (The individual activities were clearer at the time, but I think there was just so much to process overall that I can’t remember a lot of details.)

Better than any porn scene I could have imagined

The experience was liberating and amazing. The evening played out better than any porn scene I could have imagined – and I was a participant rather than watching it on a screen. I’ll come back to this event with some practical points in another post; but for now, let’s just appreciate the evening for what it was – AMAZING!



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My wife is the love of my life and my absolute soulmate. So why are we exploring polyamory and other sexual experiences that are often considered socially unacceptable? Read on to find out! Spoiler Alert: These things are AWESOME and have strengthened our marriage in ways you might not expect. Or believe.

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