Lead up to the Full Swap

Prerequisite post: Swinging: The Full Swap Explained

At this point, Jeannie had explored outercourse with two new men. Over the course of less than a half dozen dates, she’d experienced most of what she wanted to try with these two men. She also met a couple at one of the two parties she attended and they were very much interested in a full swap. Meanwhile, all I’d done is make out with a young woman at a Brooklyn bar and a (super hot!) surfer dude on the beach in LA. I felt like I was a little behind, but as the opportunity for a full swap presented itself with a couple that Jeannie was comfortable with, I was definitely interested.

Of course, as experienced swingers, their idea of “meet me” was to “fuck me.”

Jeannie already spent a night with Jake and Mia… and not only did everyone enjoy themselves, but they enjoyed Jeannie’s stories enough that they wanted to meet me as well. Of course, as experienced swingers, their idea of “meet me” was to “fuck me.” And between what Jeannie shared of her experience with them, and a few simple photos, I was most definitely interested. I found Mia to be very attractive and while a photo of him didn’t turn me on, I’ve found that how a man looks doesn’t (usually) turn me on, but how he acts can get me very interested.

During Jeannie’s previous night with them, there was a discussion of a full swap. Jeannie was clear that she wasn’t ready for that and they were absolutely respectful of that. At the same time, he made the point to Jeannie that she shouldn’t wait too long. From his fifteen years of swinging experience, he felt that everyone who truly embraced the lifestyle would ultimately share intercourse, and that it’s much better to make that decision upfront, with a couple you trust, then in the heat of the moment with the possibility of regret later. And, very respectfully, he was also clear how much he wanted to savor Jeannie!

What’s better than Jeannie telling me about her explicit dates? The hot sex that we have as a result of these conversations!

Jake has been an active swinger for 15-years, and Mia married him 4-years ago, and has been in the lifestyle ever since. Jeannie expressed how intense the physical experience with them was, but also how caring he was of her. She described how, even once consent was given early in the evening, he checked in with her frequently to be absolutely sure that he wasn’t crossing any boundaries and that Jeannie was absolutely enjoying herself. The intensity of this conversation was a huge turn on for me! I felt really good about agreeing to a full swap with them. Not to mention how good I felt about the hot sex with Jeannie that followed this conversation!

My only hesitation was my own anxiety of having not been with anyone other than Jeannie in over two decades. Would I even know what to do with my partner(s)?

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My wife is the love of my life and my absolute soulmate. So why are we exploring polyamory and other sexual experiences that are often considered socially unacceptable? Read on to find out! Spoiler Alert: These things are AWESOME and have strengthened our marriage in ways you might not expect. Or believe.

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