House Guest with a Twist

photography of bedroom

After our marathon Memorial Day Weekend date, I didn’t hear from Hank much and the week that followed was quiet and uneventful in that regard. Then I departed for Italy, during which time texts from Hank were limited at best and I began to question his interest in what we were doing. I was loathe to chase him and instead waited to see what would happen. We finally made plans for the weekend of the next erotic party, but his attention was still a bit lackluster and our actual plans were only half formed, so I was admittedly anxious at the date drew near.

Always a planner, I had several options in my head and was prepared for a range of ideas including a picnic (more extensive than last time), going to a local wine bar or simply staying in. Since Viktor was out of town on business, I had invited Hank to come to my apartment and welcomed him to stay the night. He had initially invited me to stay over at his place after the party, but it wasn’t feasible due to my dog and, moreover, I wanted an actual date, not just a hook-up/sleeping session after the party.

Upon his arrival, Hank was conscientious of my neighbors and did not kiss me in the lobby, but quickly rectified this upon entering my home, wherein the dog immediately started to bark (she eventually settled down, but it was very funny and I told Viktor that she had his back). I gave Hank a tour of the apartment, except for the bedroom, whose door was closed, protecting the sanctity of that space.

Collectively, we decided that it was too cold for a picnic and instead sat on the couch kissing and then soon moved to the guest room, promptly embarking on an intense make-out session, progressing from kisses to caresses and then removing our clothes. He very much in awe of my Agent Provocateur lingerie; there was a moment of power as he exclaimed, “Fuck” as I unzipped my skirt and slowly pulled my shirt over my head and he saw me in just the bra and panties.

As we began to engage in sensual play, I reminded him that we had talked about playing with toys together, so after a brief sojourn for some wine (aka liquid courage), we returned to the bedroom to explore. I pleasantly relaxed into his presence as I used the vibrator on myself, focusing on my clit and eventually bringing myself to orgasm. Then, after rummaging through my pleasure basket, Hank expressed interest in being gently handcuffed and blindfolded, as he had never engaged in this type of play before. Once the restraints were in place, I selected a feather and teased him with it, then kissed his neck, chest, stomach and thighs before touching his cock and licking his balls.

After our play session, we stopped to enjoy a late dinner, along with more of the wine. Then, we decided it was time to go to bed, lying naked and entangled in each other’s arms, which I found to be more alluring in theory than in practice. But, despite the lack of a restful night’s sleep, I did enjoy the freedom of being so vulnerable and intimate with him.

Upon waking, we walked the dog and I gave Hank a tour of the nearby park, since he had expressed interest and had also enjoyed sharing his neighborhood with me. Then there was breakfast – I made blueberry pancakes and Hank helped to fry the bacon. We returned to bed for more cuddling and then Hank went down on me properly this time – I was able to relax and enjoy his attention, feeling the pleasurable sensations throughout my body. Still not ready to engage in a blow job or intercourse, I give him a hand job and eventually he used the friction of my body to cum. We showered together, sudsing each other with soap and then, once dry and dressed, watched the documentary, My Erotic Body, because it features S Factor, which is so important to me. By then, it was 1:00 PM and Hank headed home, knowing that we would see each other that night at the erotic party.

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While happily married to my soulmate for 20+ years, after years of body shame and sexual shutdown, I am ready to step into my sexual power as we open up our relationship and explore the possibilities.

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